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The Ebel Brasilia Watches collection is a true example of the Ebel Watches tradition of expertly executed timepieces of refinement and mechanics.

The Ebel Brasilia Ladies watches are fabulously feminine and never more so than in the jeweled styles. Expertly set in either stainless steel, two tone, or 18k gold, the Ebel Brasilia Watches with its modern rectangular case and smooth curves, remains a spectacularly elegant watch and eye catching jewelry all at the same time.

The Ebel Brasilia Men’s watch is an elegant yet solidly masculine timepiece that screams refinement and discernment. The Men’s Ebel Brasilia watches have a geometrical and obvious architectural element that has a distinctive masculine aesthetic with bold roman numerals applied by hand on a broad dial.

The Ebel Watches brand is known for their authentic commitment to the art of horology. They approach watch making with both technical precision and artistic creativity to create Ebel Brasilia Watches as a testament to their heritage as ‘the architects of time’.

Ashford.com offers a comforting thirty day money back guarantee on all Ebel Brasilia watches. Combine that with a two year warranty and you get the ultimate worry free shopping experience on any of our watches including Ebel Brasilia watches! We are proud of our commitment to great customer service and promise a hassle free experience.

Our Ebel Brasilia Watches, as well as our entire inventory are one hundred percent authentic and come in the original packaging with all the associated Ebel Brasilia Watches paperwork.


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