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Movado Museum Watch Collection

The Movado Museum Watch Collection is an instantly recognizable and iconic design that remains the flagship collection of Movado Watches. The Movado Museum watch with the prominent single gold dot at high noon remains a symbol of art in timekeeping.

Introduced in 1947 by Nathan George Horwitt, an acclaimed artist and multi talented designer, both the men’s Movado Museum watch and women’s Movado Museum watch have remained the forerunner for incorporating high art in watch design. They are featured in over twenty museum watches collections worldwide and are immensely popular with the watch buying public.

The most common incarnation of the Movado Museum Watch is done on a black face with the contrasting bezel and prominent gold dot in yellow gold with a black leather wrist band. There are many more modern variations including the trendy wide cuff version in brown or all black with silver tone accents. Some Movado Museum watches sport steel bands in either white or yellow gold tone if youre so inclined.

Movado watches is a storied brand with an extraordinary heritage in the art of horology with its name meaning “always in motion” to signify the companies constantly evolving as a forerunner in watch design. The Movado Museum Watch Collection perfectly captures this mantra with its futuristic aesthetic and ultra modern styling. This classic creation captures Movado Watches minimalistic approach making Movado Museum watches one of the most celebrated timepieces for generations.

Movado Museum Watches is currently the most identifiable watch design and will continue to stand the test of time as a classic and always elegant watch.

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