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Philip Stein Watches exploded on the watch world in 2002 with their innovative idea of combining the concept of well being in their line of watches. They introduced Frequency Technology into their watch designs introducing a new concept in the rarefied world of horology. The Philip Stein Watches story began with Will and Rina Stein the founding duo of this unique forward looking company. Will’s extensive marketing background coupled with Rina’s 28 years of watch designing experience propelled the company’s rise to the iconic status it enjoys today.

Philip Stein Watches popularity is based on the premise that natural frequencies have the power to impact one’s overall well being. The Natural Frequency Technology incorporated in Philip Stein Watches purports to do just that by improving the wearer’s resilience and their adaptability to stress. Within a year of the initial launch of these experimental timepieces the company was inundated with positive testimonials of better sleep, improved concentration, and reduced tension. But the most significant endorsement came from Oprah Winfrey when she featured a Philip Stein watch on her super popular “Oprah’s Favorite Things” show in 2003, generating a tremendous publicity surge. Philip Stein Watches also boasts a distinct and instantly recognizable design that has added to its allure and contributed to the popularity of this modern brand. From the bold dual time zones to the window in the back offering a peak at the frequency technology, along with a vast array of do it yourself interchangeable straps, Philip Stein Watches succeeded in cementing a place in our cultural zeitgeist. Today, the company remains committed to designing products with a beautiful aesthetic while enhancing our quality of life.

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Philip Stein

Fashion forward, contemporary and a leader in natural frequency technology. Philip Stein watches promote better sleep, less stress and clearer focus to enhance quality of life.

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