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A relative newcomer to the watch world, Welder Watches has made a huge splash with its futuristic take on watch design. The brainchild of Italo Fontana, the creative genius behind U-Boat Watches as well, has launched a new brand with a new concept. The idea behind Welder Watches is to use the future as inspiration and push the boundaries of the design into the stratosphere. Browsing the collection of Welder Watches you can see quite clearly the modern and forward thinking attitude of this innovative watch company.

The overall design of Welder Watches is aggressively bold and oversized with the huge Welder K29 measuring 53 mm in diameter. Eye catching juxtaposition of contrasting color add stylistic genius to this already original design, coupled with an intricate multi layered dial for added dimension, you get sheer attitude.

The name Welder Watches is actually from the word ‘weld’ which means to seamlessly combine to objects to create one. In the case of Welder Watches it’s meant to convey welding innovative concepts and ideas of watch making to create truly original timepieces.

Welder Watches commitment to world class craftsmanship, fastidious attention to the intricacies of watch making, along with a unique vision in their design, all culminate in a first rate horological company ready to take on the rarefied watch world.

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Innovators of the future, distinctive cutting-edge design. Welder watches encapsulate a futuristic vision inspired by travel through space and time.

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