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The history of Breitling dates all the way back to 1884, when Leon Breitling opened his first watch shop in the small village of St. Imier in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland. His workshop specialized in making chronographs and precision counters for industrial and scientific use.  In 1892 he made the fateful decision of moving his shop to La-Chaux de Fonds the center of the watch making industry at the time.

His son Gaston Breitling perpetuated his legacy by introducing, in 1915, the first chronograph wrist watch. This along with other significant horological developments led them into the aviation industry by providing Breitling watches for pilots to wear on their wrists. They have, since then, consistently been ahead of its competitors in innovative design and revolutionary complications.

In 1923 Breitling Watch Co. introduced the first independent push piece replacing the traditional winding crown for the return-to-zero function in chronograph watches. In 1934, Willy Breitling, son of Gaston Breitling, and grandson of the founder, continued that tradition by producing the second return-to-zero push piece to measure several successive short times, giving the chronograph wristwatch its definitive design. This innovation elevated Breitling to a whole new level in the watch making industry and in 1934 the Royal Air Force took notice by making Breitling watches their official watch supplier.

The Breitling Navitimer watch, rolled out in 1954, revolutionized the watch world by introducing the first wristwatch with the “navigation computer” which had the capability of calculating flight plans. Astronaut Scott Carpenter, of the original Mercury space crew, came to Breitling with the novel idea of making a watch with a 24 hour dial since there is no day or night in space. Breitling obliged by producing the famous Cosmonaut Navitimer watch which Scott sported on his historic 1962 space flight.

In 1969 Breitling Watch Co. yet again sensationalized the watch making industry by inventing the self-winding chronograph watch. This technological breakthrough cemented their enduring reputation for precision and excellence in all their timepieces.

They celebrated   their 100 year anniversary with the introduction of the Breitling Chronomat watch collection, which, along with its stylistic heir, the Breitling Windrider series, is still its bestselling watch line in their extensive repertoire.

The Breitling for Bentley series of chronograph watches is the result of collaboration between two illustrious companies that exude luxury, exclusivity, and advanced technology. The Breitling Bentley collection remains a bestseller among watch snobs and connoisseurs worldwide.

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Elegance. Performance. Precision. Breitling is a leader in the field of mechanical chronographs and has a long history partnering with the aviation history and the worlds elite pilots.

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Breitling Chronomat GMT AB041210-BB48-384A Men's Limited Edition Watch
Retail $10,370
SAVE $3,940.60 (38%)
Breitling Superocean A2337024-BB81-154A Men's Watch
SALE: $3,809
Retail $6,245
SAVE $2,435.55 (39%)
Breitling Windrider CB014012-BA53-378C Men's Watch
SALE: $7,467
Retail $13,100
SAVE $5,633.00 (43%)
Breitling Superocean A1736467-C868-161A Men's Watch
Retail $8,695
SAVE $3,217.15 (37%)
Breitling Chronomat AB0413B9-BD17-155S Men's Watch
SALE: $5,382
Retail $8,970
SAVE $3,588.00 (40%)
Breitling Superocean C1334112-BA84-131S Men's Watch
SALE: $3,995
Retail $7,400
SAVE $3,405.00 (46%)
Breitling Transocean A1631012-BD15-429X Men's Watch
SALE: $2,987
Retail $5,240
SAVE $2,253.20 (43%)
Breitling Transocean U4131012-Q600-171A Women's Watch
SALE: $4,581
Retail $7,635
SAVE $3,054.00 (40%)
Breitling Chronomat CB014012-G713-378C Men's Watch
Retail $13,100
SAVE $4,978.00 (38%)
Breitling Superocean A2337036-BB81-154A Men's Watch
Retail $6,245
SAVE $2,310.65 (37%)
Breitling Chronomat AB01442J-BD26-378A Men's Limited Edition Watch
SALE: $5,436
Retail $9,060
SAVE $3,624.00 (40%)
Breitling Transocean A1931012-BB68-154A Men's Watch
Retail $10,155
SAVE $3,757.35 (37%)
Breitling Transocean UB015212-BC74-154A Men's Watch
Retail $9,695
SAVE $3,684.10 (38%)
Breitling Professional A2336035-G718-167A Men's Watch
SALE: $4,255
Retail $6,975
SAVE $2,720.25 (39%)

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