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Oris Watches personifies the art of watch making. They are specifically known for producing only mechanical watches which separates them from the rest of the watch making industry. Oris Watches was founded by Paul Cattin and Goerges Christian in Basel-Country in 1904. For well over one hundred years Oris Watches has created timepieces marked by their very distinctive design that includes the ‘red rotor’ the recognized symbol of Oris Watches. Their mantra is ‘form follows function’ and is evident in their clean aesthetic.

Oris Watches are put together by elite Swiss craftsmen and consistently meet the highest levels of quality standards. They are coveted and sought after by international collectors and are handed down from generation to generation as cherished heirlooms.

Oris watches are divided into four separate categories focusing on the needs of each specific profession, Motor Sport, Diving, Aviation, and Culture. The Oris Diving watches are made from titanium and are water and pressure proof, whereas the Oris Aviation collection of watches come equipped with moon phases, and second time zones. The Oris Motor Sport line of watches incorporates carbon fiber, titanium, and rubber to meet the demands of the auto racing industry. As for the Culture models, Oris Watches has focused on hip and style conscious designs made from luxurious components such as gold and leather and offer guilloche-stamped dials and windows for week, day, and date.

Oris Watches are very popular with sportsmen in many different arenas. In 2003 they became the sole supplier of timepieces to the BMW Williams Formula One team amplifying its reputation for excellence and precision in all their productions. 

Oris Watches are the watches of choice for true athletes as well as those who covet elegance and superior craftsmanship. Here at Ashford.com we strive to make your shopping experience for that unique Oris watch as pleasurable as possible. We stock a selection of watches at greatly discounted prices and we offer free shipping with no minimum order. That is a winning combination and translates to great savings for our customers.

For your convenience we also offer a thirty day money back guarantee on all our models including Oris watches along with a two year worry free warranty. All our customer service specialists are well versed in all watches and will walk you through every step of the way.

All of our Oris watches are guaranteed to be one hundred percent authentic and come in the original Oris packaging with all the accompanying paperwork.




One of the largest independent luxury mechanical watch manufacturers in Switzerland, Oris’s signature red rotors underline its century-long commitment to mechanical movements, to the exclusion of quartz.

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Oris TT1 735-765147650742506B Men's Watch
Retail: $1,775
SAVE $852.00  (48%)
Oris BC4 01690761541640782258 Men's Watch
Clearance: $1,655
Retail: $3,950
SAVE $2,295.20  (58%)
Oris Artix 674-7644-4051-MB Men's Watch
Retail: $3,725
SAVE $1,862.50  (50%)
Oris TT1 735-765147640742506B Men's Watch
Retail: $1,775
SAVE $852.00  (48%)
Oris Big Crown 745-7629-4061-MB Men's Watch
Retail: $1,850
SAVE $888.00  (48%)
Oris BC4 01-690-76154154SETLS Men's Watch
Spring Sale: $1,806
Retail: $4,300
SAVE $2,494.00  (58%)
Oris TT1 674-7659-4163RS Men's Watch
Clearance: $1,260
Retail: $3,000
SAVE $1,740.00  (58%)
Oris Artelier 749-7667-4051-MB Men's Watch
Retail: $2,300
SAVE $1,104.00  (48%)
Oris Big Crown 01-733-7649-4031-LS Men's Watch
Spring Sale: $832
Retail: $1,850
SAVE $1,017.50  (55%)
Oris BC4 01-690-76154154SETMB Men's Watch
Retail: $4,400
SAVE $2,200.00  (50%)
Oris Big Crown 01733762942630752279 Men's Watch
Retail: $1,750
SAVE $840.00  (48%)
Oris Big Crown 01-733-7649-4031-MB Men's Watch
Retail: $2,050
SAVE $984.00  (48%)
Oris BC4 01-749-76324194SETLS Men's Watch
Retail: $2,750
SAVE $1,375.00  (50%)
Oris Artelier 749-7667-4051-LS Men's Watch
Retail: $2,400
SAVE $1,152.00  (48%)
Oris Artelier 623-7582-4074-LS Men's Watch
Retail: $2,250
SAVE $1,080.00  (48%)

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