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Alpina Watches

Originally founded in 1883, Alpina is one of the most respected Swiss watch brands in the world. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Alpina watches have evolved over the years, with a rich history that reflects the improvement and evolution of timekeeping itself. Nonetheless, Alpine watches still maintain the quality, elegance, and majesty of the brand’s original timepieces.

Distinguished by the signature red triangle, Alpina watches have always been a symbol of excellence. Over the years, Alpina discovered new ways of keeping time and providing top-quality watches to consumers all over Europe and the international market. In 1938, Alpina invented the modern concept of the Swiss sports watch with the creation of the Alpina 4. Not only did this provide a useful timepiece for the outdoors, but it also reimagined what a watch could be for many people.

In the time since then, Alpina has developed various quartz watch designs to fit different needs. Alpina offers dozens of automatic and GMT watches for travelers and sports enthusiasts. Additionally, the Alpine dive watch collection remains one of the most popular watches for recreational and professional scuba divers alike. Today, you can find Alpina watches for sale online and in retail shops all over the world.

Alpina Watch Collections

Alpina has dozens of different watch designs and collections, many of which cater to more active lifestyles. The Startimer and Startimer Pilot collections feature standard automatic, chronograph, and GMT watches. Designed with pilots and airborne travelers in mind, the Startimer and Startimer Pilot watches feature stainless steel casings and sapphire crystal faces.

For the seafaring consumer, the Seastrong and Seastrong Diver are both superior options. These collections are designed for maximum readability in any environment. Whether you’re on a boat or diving under the sea, the Seastrong and Seastrong Diver are equipped to make the trip along with you.

If you enjoy physical activities on land, the Alpiner and Alpiner 4 are two great collections to consider. Both collections include watches with three distinct features: anti-magnetic, water-resistant, and anti-shock. In short, the Alpiner and Alpiner 4 have the durability and design to withstand all kinds of inclement weather.

Finally, the Comtesse collection offers all of the same benefits as other collections under the Alpina name. However, Comtesse watches are specifically designed with women in mind. Whether you’re looking for an elegant watch or a more practical sports timepiece, the Comtesse line has something for you. Additionally, watches in this collection make use of high-quality quartz, mother-of-pearl, and stainless steel in their designs.