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Bomberg Watches


Bomberg is a newcomer on the market, opening its doors in 2012. But just because it’s young doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take note. Bomberg watches are definitely trendsetters, moving away from the traditional watchmaking rules to push the boundaries of conventionality with their own unique styles and designs.


These are watches that demand attention, as Rick De La Croix, the brand chairman puts it, creativity is to think outside the box. And Bomberg takes it way outside the box, moving away from traditional competition to meet the needs of their customers. The watches are made with high quality and attention to detail, and are fun, entirely unique, and just a little bit wacky.


You might feel like you’ve fallen into a new dimension where conventionality simply doesn’t exist, each model ever more bold as the next. To have a Bomberg on your wrist is to tell the world, Yes, I am different, and I love it. Embrace your differences as Bomberg does, and choose a watch that speaks to your inner creativity and style. There’s one for just about every taste. Bomberg watches for sale are edgy and cross the line, which is what they intend to do.   


The Bolt-68 is a Bomberg Swiss automatic watch which makes you feel like you’ve fallen down a horological rabbit hole into a strange new world. It grabs your attention from the get-go. Besides being worn on the wrist, the Bolt-68 comes with a chain and can also be worn as a pocket watch. It is a peculiar watch that’s fun and functional and will certainly be noticed.

1968 Bomberg women’s watches are more jewelry than timepiece, with beauty intertwined with numbers to create the most eye-catching watch. The watchcase uses a bullhead, which brings us back in time to the 1960’s. The design is meant to hug your wrist for a snug fit. It is a very dramatic looking watch which some people will love. The 1968 model is bold and definitely not shy.

Calling all racing car enthusiasts. BB-01 has a clever design with various straps and color combinations. Rugged and bold, this is just one in the lineup of racing watches that is unique to Bomberg. Every detail is perfect including the center 6-spoke racing wheel. Besides being attractive looking, the watch, which is Swiss made, will also be precise for many years to come.

The Bomberg Maven is a quartz movement watch with hours, minutes, chronograph and date features on the breathtakingly blue dial and a unique tang buckle. It’s just a little bit different while still managing to look conventional. 

The stainless-steel BB-68 Racer and BB-68 Vintage are made with the Swiss Quartz chronograph movement features 30-minute, 12 hour and second counter. Each watch tells a story, one that you will get immersed in even as you tell the time. For a watch that is smart looking and tells time in style, pick one of the BB-68s.