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Hailed as a visionary leader, Joseph Bulova changed the world’s perception of time. His unique collections of supremely crafted timepieces offer stylish options for both men and women.

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The year was 1875. The city was New York. Armed with a vision of pursuing innovation and technology, Joseph Bulova opened a small watch store in downtown New York City. While it may have begun as a small business, the Bulova name quickly flourished as word of his reputation for efficiency and perfection spread across the world.

Like the true innovative brand that it was, the Bulova name continued to break industry standards. In the 1960s, Bulova’s Accutron watches introduced its patented tuning-fork technology to replace the industry’s standard balance wheel. The brand’s innovation didn’t stop there. In fact, Bulova’s Accutron technology was utilized by NASA in their timekeeping mechanisms and instrument panel clocks.

More recently, Bulova premiered the world’s first curved chronograph movement. Perhaps even more astounding, the brand’s focus on innovation has never detracted from its design. Its classic designs showcase automatic movements and stylish timepieces for both men and ladies. Perhaps most well known, the Bulova women’s watch with diamonds is a true show stopper.

Bulova Watch Collections

The Bulova Computron features an all digital LED display in a futuristic inspired trapezoid-shaped case. With its unique angled time display, the watch became known as a diver’s watch. A diver could simply glance at the time without having to move his wrist at all.

The Bulova CURV collection introduced the world’s first curved chronograph movement. Its slim case and proprietary ergonomic design were specifically designed to comfortably fit the wrist.

The Frank Sinatra collection pays homage to the legend that was Frank Sinatra. Its vintage designs are named after his songs and pay tribute to the star that he was.

Perhaps most iconic, the Bulova Lunar Pilot takes its inspiration from the renowned Bulova chronograph that was worn during the Apollo 15 mission. This famed “moon watch” was sold at auction for 1.625 million dollars.

Inspired by the sea, the Marine Star collection showcases stylish ladies’ watches. They feature iconic maritime patterns and bold accents.

The Bulova Oceanographer is powered by a self-winding mechanical movement. Dubbed the “Devil Diver”, these dive watches come equipped with a water resistance rating of up to 666 feet.

Incorporating Damascus steel and 18K gold in its innovative designs, the Bulova Precisionist collection features the world’s most advanced chronograph and a continuously sweeping seconds hand.