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Chloe is a French luxury eyewear joint-stock company run by its two controlling partners: Philippe Aghion and Sophie Cagnard. Founded in 2004, Chloe has been at the forefront of eyewear fashion for well over a decade. Moreover, since the earliest days of the company, Chloe has been dedicated to providing high-quality, environmentally friendly products.

Though Chloe shades are available to anyone, the company focuses its efforts on women. Not only are its product lines mostly comprised of women’s sunglasses, but the brand also makes a concerted effort to elevate women’s fashion and put women in positions of power and authority within the company. These combined efforts have helped the company position itself as a leader in women’s empowerment, fashion, and even environmental awareness.

While Chloe is always associated with quality products and sustainable manufacturing processes, it’s also a great place for consumers to take advantage of a good sunglasses sale. Shoppers who buy from Chloe can often find some of the best deals of any luxury eyewear brand, making it a great choice for consumers on a budget. If you’re currently in the market for gorgeous and fashionable eyewear, you can find Chloe shades and sunglasses online or in select retail locations throughout Europe and North America.

Chloe Sunglass Collections

While many luxury eyewear brands offer limited selections to create a sense of exclusivity, Chloe offers dozens of unique product lines in order to give its customers more variety and better choices. If you’re in the market for round, mid-sized sunglasses, the Carlina and Round product lines are two of Chloe’s bestsellers. Alternatively, if you want to mix things up with cute, heart-shaped frames, you can’t go wrong with the Heart collection.

For an “edgier” sense of style, Chloe offers the Rosie and Scalloped sunglasses. Both of these lines are distinct for their faded lenses and scalloped frames. These looks are both chic and modern, giving you accessories that really catch the eye!

However, many people shopping for sunglasses like more traditional, throwback designs. For example, the Aviator is Chloe´s take on the classic top-bar design, while the Cat Eye and Butterfly sunglasses recall the popular upturned endpieces of women’s sunglasses from the 1960s. For a perfect mix of modern and retro, the Willow design offers large-framed sunglasses that recall the popular styles of the early 2000s.

To capture a more modern, trendy version of the large-frame look, Chloe offers the Oversized, Square, and Havana collections. Each of these product lines is notable for its large lenses and frames, though they are all complemented by distinct shapes and color schemes.

Finally, Chloe offers a wide range of geometric sunglasses with varied shapes, sizes, colors, and temple designs. Among Chloe’s most popular geometric sunglasses are the Poppy, Esther, Octagon, and Tally product lines.