Edox represents the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking, renowned for its fusion of sophisticated design and unmatched craftsmanship. Established in 1884, the brand is synonymous with precision engineering, merging innovative technology with age-old techniques. Edox watches exemplify a relentless pursuit of perfection, featuring industry-leading water and scratch resistance. Crafted in the Swiss Jura, the cradle of watchmaking excellence, Edox's artisans create timepieces that are both elegant and functional, designed to excel in any environment and cater to every occasion with unparalleled style and durability.

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Edox Watches

Edox is a luxury Swiss watchmaker that operates under the Era Watch Company trademark. Established in 1884 by master watchmaker Christian Ruefli-Flury, Edox was named after the Ancient Greek word for “measuring of time.” While the company’s early years were dedicated to pocket watches, the brand made the shift to wristwatch-only production when Robert Kaufman-Hug took over the company in 1921, following Ruefli-Flury’s death.

The company continued to grow throughout the mid-20th century, adding hundreds of employees and significantly ramping up watch production. In 1961, Edox broke new ground with watches featuring double casebacks. This ensured that the timepieces were far less likely to break, even when dropped on hard surfaces or submerged in water. However, due to various economic factors affecting the watch industry as a whole, Edox changed hands multiple times throughout the 1970s and 80s.

The brand made headlines again in 1998 when it introduced a watch with a movement thickness of just 1.4 millimeters. To this day, this still holds the record as the thinnest movement used in a calendar watch. While you can find Edox watches for sale all over the world, each watch still bears the “made in Switzerland” mark of excellence, in keeping with the tradition and history of the company.

Edox Watch Collections

Historically, Edox watches have been more about durability and advanced movements than style or fashion. Nonetheless, all of the Edox collections feature beautiful, luxurious watches. For example, Delfin is one of the brand’s most famous and popular product lines. Delfin chronographs are distinguishable for their dark colors, dodecagon-shaped faces, and fluorescent watch hands. Though the original Delfin line came out in 1973, Edox released a new design based on the original model in 2013 to celebrate the watch’s 40th anniversary.

The Edox Grand Ocean Automatic and Grand Ocean Chronograph collections rely on a wide variety of dial designs, though all of them feature numberless time markers. For more retro designs that also celebrate the craft of timekeeping, Les Bémonts and Les Vauberts watches are always great choices. These collections feature movement views on the dial, as well as transparent casebacks to see even more of the internal mechanisms at work.

Returning to the brand’s more practical roots, the Skydiver offers consumers a celebration of Swiss military history, as well as a throwback to the brand’s original Skydiver watch from 1973. Watches from this collection are each marked with a parachute-themed caseback. However, their style is only matched by their functionality. Skydiver watches are water-resistant up to 300 meters and specifically designed to withstand inclement weather.

The last featured collection from Edox is the Chronorally. Much like the Skydiver, the Chronorally is a highly efficient timepiece with a rugged, practical design, as well as Novodiac or Incabloc shock resistance.