Franck Muller Watches

A world-renowned watchmaker since 1983, Franck Muller is known for his unique and complex designs. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the brand creates timepieces that are both works of art and technical marvels. From intricate skeleton watches to diamond-encrusted masterpieces, Franck Muller's collections are truly one-of-a-kind.

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Franck Muller Watches

Franck Muller Watches is one of the most respected watch manufacturers and designers in the world. The company was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes in 1992. However, for nearly a decade prior, Franck Muller worked to perfect his craft as a timepiece designer. The brand was originally founded to create unique, exclusive timepieces using 100% original designs and complex, intricate complications. With time, Franck Muller quickly grew into one of the best Swiss watch brands in the world, thanks in large part to its bold designs, creativity, and quality craftsmanship.

Before founding his titular brand, Franck Muller made a name for himself at the Geneva School of Watchmaking as the “Master of Complications.” This experience gave him an international reputation, with auction houses and collectors from all over Europe and North America sending him collection timepieces for restoration.

Since starting the Franck Muller watch brand, Muller has seen near exponential growth. His unique complications create a sense of scarcity on the market, enhancing demand among regular consumers and collectors alike. Today, the Franck Muller brand offers both women’s watches and men’s watches, as well as annual premieres of new and interesting creations. Some of the company’s most popular pieces include their line of Tourbillon watches and Diamond Watches, which feature diamond-encrusted bands and watch faces.

Franck Muller Watch Collections

Franck Muller releases new watches every year, so there are literally dozens of different collections and hundreds of individual watch designs for consumers to choose from. That said, some of the brand’s most popular collections have been in circulation for decades. For example, the classic Round collection features some of the best complications and designs from Muller’s personal repertoire, including Skeleton, Tourbillon, and Invisible-Set Timepieces Baguette Diamonds.

Alternatively, the Vanguard collection includes multiple subcollections that fall under the same umbrella, including the Vanguard Blue SeaVanguard Crazy HoursVanguard Racing, and Vanguard Yachting collections. Though all Vanguard watches share a similar rounded-rectangle casing, they feature vastly different watch face designs and materials. The Casablanca and Conquistadorcollections offer similar casings, but with more classic, refined looks.

For larger, more opulent watch faces, Franck Muller offers the Infinity and Master Square collections. The Infinity collection is specifically designed for women, with a wide-set, diamond-encrusted casing. The collection offers two variations for number designs, including classic Roman Numerals or more surreal, dream-like numbers for an exquisitely intense visual experience. As the name implies, the Master Square has a perfectly square watch face and casing that pays homage to the Art Deco movement of years past. Watches in this collection offer perfect symmetry, with stretched Roman Numerals for a distinctive, modern look.