GV2 watches — daring, lively and brimming with confidence — are made in Switzerland from the same high-quality components used by the brand’s luxury parent, Gevril, and assembled by the same skilled craftsmen.

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GV2 by Gevril Watches

The Gevril brand has a long and storied history that has helped the company stand out as an authority in the realm of watchmaking. The company’s origins date all the way back to the mid-1700s when Jacques Gevril founded his own clock and watch manufacturing company. A highly talented Swiss craftsman, Gevril officially opened up shop in 1758.

After creating his own designs, Gevril traveled to Madrid with his colleague, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, to market their wares to King Ferdinand VI of Spain. The king was so impressed with Gevril’s abilities that he offered to keep him on as the official Royal Watchmaker of the Spanish Court. Gevril spent many years working for the monarchy in Spain, perfecting his craft and creating new designs along the way.

Jacques Gevril’s descendants continued the family tradition of watchmaking, helping the brand gain even more notoriety for its horological innovations and distinct enameling techniques. The brand became so renowned that some of its timepieces are displayed in various museums to this day. However, Gevril isn’t a name that was meant to be lost in the annals of history. Instead, the company was rebranded by a Swiss distributor in the 1990s before switching hands once again in 2001, when the company’s manufacturing division helped create contemporary versions of its classic designs. Today, GV2 by Gevril offers some of the best automatic watches for sale online and in select locations around the world.


GV2 by Gevril Watch Collections

GV2 by Gevril is just one aspect of the Gevril watchmaking empire, but it still features dozens of unique designs and collections. The Triton collection, named after one of the most powerful submarines of the mid-20th century, features a 48 mm casing inspired by and styled after a submarine periscope. Similarly, the XO Submarine collection offers distinctive diving watches that feature square cases and round watch faces.

For a more traditional men’s wristwatch design, the Squalo and Liguria collections offer a perfect balance between style and practicality. They are ideal for seafaring men, as the watches from each collection are water-resistant up to 100 and 200 meters, respectively.

GV2 by Gevril is also renowned for its sports watches. The Scuderia chronographs feature a sleek, all-black design, while the Conasecondi watches offer a three-hand configuration, multi-scale dial, and rotating bezels. For a classically masculine look, the Motorcycle collection includes watches with stadium-inspired watch faces and premium leather straps.

GV2 by Gevril also has a wide selection of watches for women. The Astor II collection features stainless steel casings and classic, round-faced styles. Alternatively, the Ravenna and Ravenna Floralcollections offer minimalist watches inspired by the gorgeous architecture of Ravenna, Italy. Also inspired by their namesake, the Rome and Rome Vegan collections include elegant women’s watches with bright white dials, each embedded with 12 diamond pieces. Lastly, the Siena and Siena Vegan collections include more practical watches for women that still shine with their diamond-cut bezels.

Alternatively, the Lev and Levley collections offer greater practicality with their stainless steel chronograph movements and intertwining band designs. Finally, the Via collection recalls the slim women’s wristwatches of decades past, with an ultra-thin, intertwining band and small, minimalist face.