Hamilton is a Swiss watchmaker known for its innovative, American-inspired timepieces. Founded in 1892, the company has a long history of producing high-quality watches, and today offers a wide range of collections that are known for their clean design, precision engineering and legendary durability, embodying American spirit and Swiss precision.

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An American original, the Hamilton Watch Company was founded in 1892 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania – for the next 111 years, Hamilton watches were produced at this location, providing the most accurate timekeeping devices for the developing American railroad system to keep complex train schedules synchronized and safe. Hamilton developed right alongside the age of aviation in 1918, when the US Airmail service used these classic timepieces to help their planes arrive on time, quickly becoming synonymous with the world of flight.

Hamilton watches are well-known for more than just its accuracy. Starting in 1932 with the Marlene Deitrich film “Shanghai Express”, Hamilton watches became known as the ultimate movie watch, appearing in dozens of films over the years on the wrists of high-profile movie stars. It’s now traditional for the costume designers for the biggest blockbuster movies to choose Hamilton for their stars.

Hamilton’s claim to fame doesn’t stop there, however. Known for their innovations, the company has a long list of technical breakthroughs: in 1957, they released the Ventura, the first electric watch powered by a battery. In 1970, Hamilton shocked the world again with the first digital LED watch, the Pulsar. Since relocating to Switzerland, the center of the international watchmaking community, Hamilton continues to provide unparalleled excellence, balancing Swiss precision with the American spirit.


Hamilton Watch Collections

Just like the name says, the Hamilton American Classic line of watches are classically-styled American watches that boast plenty of versatility. Combining vintage vibes with Hamilton heritage provides you with a wear-anywhere watch that will look good on your wrist no matter what you’re up to.

The Hamilton Khaki Navy Seaqueen is a ladies Hamilton watch that offers elegant style inspired by marine pioneering and ocean exploration. Featuring water resistance of up to 100 meters, these watches will look just at home on your wrist while free-diving as they will at a cocktail party, exuding confidence and an adventurous nature.

Dating back to the early days of the company Hamilton Khaki Aviation watches capture that adventurous spirit. Precision timepieces made with professional pilots in mind, these watches are as eye-catching as they are functional, thanks to their classical styling.

A contemporary, modern watch with style to spare, the Hamilton Jazzmaster timepiece is an instant draw on the wrist of any man or woman, thanks to its open-heart or skeleton faces that reveal the workings within.

Rugged and resilient military-style watches, the Hamilton Khaki Field line of Hamilton watches are robust and ready to rumble, all while embracing a classic army style that makes them some of the best sport watches out there today.

Created with the style-conscious man in mind, the Hamilton Broadway line of timepieces are made for the contemporary city-dweller. Boasting a modern look perfect for day-to-evening wear, these watches are sophisticated and street-smart.

As part of the American Classic line of timepieces, the Hamilton Ardmore is an iconic and traditional collection dating back to 1937. Updated with smooth Quartz movement but retaining their slimline style, the Ardmore is the perfect watch for those who love the classics.

Offering casual looks with cutting-edge technology, the Hamilton Linwood is an automatic self-winding timepiece. Equipped with chronograph capability and simple iconic styling, the Linwood is the perfect watch for everyday wear.