Invicta is a Swiss watchmaker known for its bold, sporty timepieces. Founded in 1837, the company has a long history of producing high-quality watches, and today offers a wide range of collections that appeal to both men and women. Invicta's designs are characterized by their rugged functionality and eye-catching details, making them the ideal choice for anyone who wants a stylish yet practical watch.

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Invicta Watches

From its roots in the 1830s to today, Invicta has built a well-earned reputation as a watchmaker that prides itself on innovation. Known for its meticulousness and complexity in its case construction, Invicta watches are highly versatile, at home on the wrist of corporate movers and shakers as they are on those of travelers and adventurers. Indeed, an Invicta gold watch around your wrist speaks volumes!

Invicta is a constant cultivator of original concepts, always aiming to push the creative and technical envelope. Combining precise engineering with detailed design in its Invicta automatic watches, the brand is also well-known for its collaborations with dozens of different brands, from Marvel and DC Comics to Star Wars, the US Army, and the NFL to name but a few, all the while offering sophistication, quality, and performance while matching watch bands, cases, and faces with these iconic properties.

An industry leader in the case of matching design and engineering together, the Invicta watch is well known for providing unique experiences for the wearer while routinely surpassing industry precedents. With their exacting standards, Invicta’s women watches and Invicta watches for men set the bar high and yet meets it consistently with every timepiece it creates in the ingenious fashion that has given Invicta the reputation for being the true miracle workers they are. Invicta watches for sale across the globe all say the same thing: we’re worn by the best of the best.



Invicta Watch Collections

With stainless steel cases and bands and water resistance up to 100 meters, the Invicta Pro Diver collection offers both striking form and reliable function.


The Invicta Grand Diver offers the same rock-solid function of the Pro Diver collection but with a truly remarkable line of styles from which to choose.


Known for their distinctive push crown chains, silicone bands, and steel cases, the Invicta Russian Diver is as elegant as it is functional.


Textured dials, Tritnite luminous hands, and 200-meter water resistance make the Invicta Speedway collection a must for any active and daring sportsman.


The Invicta Angel line of ladies’ watches offer graceful and elegant design without compromising function, satisfying every mood or taste.


The Invicta Wildflower women’s watch collection incorporates some of the highest quality materials to create truly striking and elegant timepieces.


A statement in themselves, the oversize stainless steel cases of the Invicta Reserve are unmistakable anywhere thanks to their iconic look and feel.


As one of their flagship collaborations, the Invicta Marvel collection combines iconic Marvel superhero themes with Invicta’s meticulous chronograph design.


Combining iconic film design with exacting watchmaking, the Invicta Star Wars collection is the perfect thing for anyone, not just those in a galaxy far, far away.


Like the Sea Diver collection before it, the Invicta Sea Hunter timepiece offers precise and infallible underwater durability and reliability while reveling in modern, cutting edge aesthetics.