Jacques Lemans Watches

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Jacques Lemans Watches


Founded in the 1970s by Alfred Riedl, Jacques Lemans is a relative newcomer to the world of stylish chronograph production. An Austrian-based company, Jacques Lemans is a family-owned business that produces and sells watches throughout Austria. You can also find Jacques Lemans watches for sale in partnered locations across the globe.

Though Jacques Lemans may not have a long history, it is a highly respected watchmaker throughout Austria and much of western Europe. The company started as a small operation that catered to local clients. However, thanks in large part to the quality of its automatic watch and other products, the company now has a presence in over 120 countries worldwide.

Today, there isn’t one singular “Jacque Lemans watch.” In fact, the company boasts more than 650 distinct models. Both the men’s watch, and women’s watch come in hundreds of different styles, making it one of the most versatile timepiece brands in Europe.

Jacques Lemans Watch Collections

It would be too time-consuming to go through every Jacques Lemans watch on the market. That said, there are a few important collections that include some of the brand’s most popular watches. The Bienne collection is the signature square-faced model, which distinguishes itself from the vast majority of round-faced collections within the Jacques Lemans brand.

For a simpler, more traditional look, you have the Derby, Geneve, Vienna collections. All three offer round timepieces with Italian leather bands and stainless-steel frames. With the Derby, Geneve, or Vienna collections, you can easily keep track of the time and date without sacrificing your sense of style.

La Passion collection is wholly unique among Jacques Lemans’ watches for women, as it features stainless steel frames and bands with ion-plated gold. Though the watch face resembles the Derby and Vienna collections, it is the body of the watch that really makes it stand out. Unlike many other women’s watches, La Passion has a relatively wide band and a 38-millimeter face diameter.

If you’re looking for sportier watches, the Liverpool, London, and Sport collections are all high-quality options. These collections emphasize utility over style, with multi-face designs that allow you to track varied time measurements. Despite their pragmatism, these watches are still aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the larger watch faces make all three watch lines easier to read on the go.

People often associate the city of Miami with fun, vibrant colors. The Miami watch collection was designed with the spirit of the city in mind. If you like watches that draw the eye, the Miami line includes designs with neon yellow, green, blue, or pink watch faces. You can also get custom-colored bands to mix and match your style.

For those seeking more sophisticated wristwear, the Milano and York lines both offer tantalizing watch models for women. Milano watches feature a crystal-lined watch face with elegant, Italian white leather bands. Alternatively, York watches offer a darker, more modern look with a mixture of navy blue and gold.