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Jaquet Droz Watches

Jaquet Droz watches first entered the market all the way back in 1738. Founded by the Jaquet-Droz family of artists and inventors, the company did not limit itself to watches. In fact, the family created three doll automata that still function to this day and can be viewed at the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire in Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Much of the company’s early success depended on the novelty of the family’s early inventions and products.

Headed by the patriarch of the family, Pierre Jaquet-Droz, the business did not find quick success with its Jaquet Droz men’s watches. For this reason, Jaquet-Droz produced moveable dolls to entertain the public and fund his family business. Once consumers realized the quality of his products, Pierre Jaquet-Droz was able to expand his business, eventually introducing Jaquet Droz women’s watches. 

Today, Jaquet Droz still reflects the creativity and diverse influences of Pierre’s first creations. An avid traveler, Pierre Jaquet-Droz drew influence from his time in Neuchâtel, Paris, London, and Geneva. He toured much of Europe and Asia as well, even presenting his inventions to royal courts — which helped to bolster the family name. Acquired by the Swatch Group in 2010, Jaquet Droz remains one of the top Swiss luxury watchmakers.

Jaquet Droz Watch Collections

The Bird Repeater collection combines precision with meticulous attention to detail. As the name implies, watches in the Bird Repeater collection feature both flat and three-dimensional images of birds. The watches were influenced by one of Pierre Jaquet-Droz’ early automata — a mechanical boy who could move his hands to reveal two hidden birds.

The Astrale Chronograph Grande collection focuses on a singular theme: the night sky. The watchfaces feature images of the moon and stars, while the hands take on unique shapes and colors to make every watch stand out. Additionally, many of the Astrale Chronograph Grande watches use asymmetrical face diagrams in the shape of astrological star signs.

The Grande Heure Minute and Petite Heure Minute collections take beautiful simplicity to a whole new level. While the former collection includes watchfaces with razor-thin hands and nearly no visual cues beyond secondary marks, the Petite Heure Minute features a watchface within a watchface. Both collections offer wholly unique designs that draw the eye without being ostentatious.

Unlike the previous two collections, the Grande Seconde embodies the complexity of watchmaking. Each of the Grande Seconde designs include a circular face to show the hour, as well as an adjacent or overlapping circular face with a minute or second hand.