Louis Erard Watches

Louis Erard is a Swiss watchmaking company with a rich history dating back to 1929. Today, the brand is best known for its elegant and classic timepieces, which combine traditional Swiss craftsmanship with modern design. Technical excellence and attention to detail are hallmarks of Louis Erard watches.

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Louis Erard Watches

Louis Erard Watches is a luxury Swiss watch manufacturer that has been in existence for nearly a century. In 1929, the original watchmaking school and case-making company was founded by Louis Erard in La Chaux‑de‑Fonds, Switzerland. However, it would take another two years before the company would begin production on its first watches for consumers.

Nonetheless, the company quickly grew throughout the 1930s, despite the global market depression. By 1937, Louis Erard had 60 watchmakers and assistants under its employ. However, Swiss watchmaking has always been an elite industry and Louis Erard would have to prove himself to be a master craftsman before he could truly compete with the larger manufacturers. Fortunately, in 1956, the company gained authorization to manufacture its own watch movements, a privilege that was not given out to just anyone.

Throughout the latter half of the 20th Century, Louis Erard Watches continued to expand its offerings of automatic, chronograph, and GMT watches. By 1971, the company introduced its famous Peseux 7001 movement, which featured a power-reserve indicator and regulator. This design was completely unique to Louis Erard watches and remains one of the most innovative timekeeping creations of modern times.

Sadly, the end of the 20th Century proved to be a complicated time for Louis Erard Watches. The company changed hands several times and for nearly a decade, watch production came to a halt. It wasn’t until 2003 that the brand relaunched its productive arm and Louis Erard watches reentered the global watch market. Today, you can find Louis Erard timepieces for sale online and in high-end boutiques around the world.

Louis Erard Watch Collections

With nearly one hundred years of watch design and manufacture, Louis Erard has accumulated dozens of individual watch designs and movements. Some of the most popular product lines from Louis Erard Watches celebrate their earliest days as a brand. Additionally, all Louis Erard watches feature top-of-the-line Swiss complications and high-quality materials.

The Excellence collection includes a variety of watches that mark the 80th anniversary of the brand. These refined timepieces feature moon phases, chronographs, power reserves, and many other advanced complications. The standard watch face and casing are complemented by a leather band, giving this collection a classic look, without taking away from its enhanced functionality.

Alternatively, the Heritage and Emotion collections feature minimalist watches that are designed with fashionable consumers in mind. The Romance collection includes a much broader array of designs, from small watches surrounded by leather bracelets to larger chronographs with traditional stainless-steel bands.

For active men who want to take their watch anywhere, the Sportive is a great collection. These automatic watches come with a variety of features based on the specific model, from chronograph complications to automatic watches with 200 meters of water resistance. In short, the Sportive collection is designed with the traveling adventurer in mind. For an equally functional but more retro look, shoppers can turn to the 1931 collection, which features dozens of classic watch designs.

Finally, Le Régulateur collection is one of the crowning achievements of the Louis Erard brand. While these watches feature designs that stand in stark contrast to one another, they all combine elements of the past, present, and future. One of the most popular watches in the collection is the Aventurine, which has a beautifully celestial design that takes its inspiration from the night sky.

The Opera Master collection comes in both blue and yellow hues, both of which are inspired by beautiful island getaways. Alternatively, the Opera Metal and Opera Silver collections are more metallic and industrial in nature, as they are inspired by the wonders of aeronautics and space.

Finally, the Metropolitan is one of the most unique pen collections in all of Visconti’s vast repertoire. The body of the pen features a modern, spiral design that is simultaneously inspired by the architecture of 21st-century cities, as well as the aesthetics of modern computers.