Montegrappa Watches

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Montegrappa Watches

Montegrappa is a luxury goods manufacturer that specializes in fountain pens, cuff links, fragrances, and watches. The company is based in Bassano del Grappa, a city in the Vicenza Province of northern Italy. Founded in 1912, Montegrappa has been designing and producing pens and accessories for more than 100 years, cementing its legacy as one of the finest Italian luxury goods manufacturers in the world.

Despite the company’s long history, its products are still manufactured in the original factory, located on the River Brenta. During World War I, Montegrappa had to divert some of the factory’s production to the war effort. Nonetheless, it continued to create luxury pens for soldiers and regular consumers alike. In fact, two of the most famous writers of the time — Ernest Hemingway and John Dos Passos — are said to have used Montegrappa fountain pens for their wartime correspondence.

The company reached its peak in the 1930s when fountain pens were still far more popular and accessible than ballpoint pens. However, as ballpoint pens became cheaper to manufacture, the demand for Montegrappa’s pens waned. Consequently, the company shifted into other markets — including luxury watches. Today, some of Montegrappa’s most popular timepieces include the classic men’s watch, the automatic watch, and the chronograph watch.

Montegrappa Watch Collections

Despite being known as a luxury fountain pen maker, Montegrappa offers several unique collections of watches. The Cash and Filigree are two of the most popular collections, notable for their rose gold cases and black leather bands. The Cash product line features a large dollar symbol ($) decorated with white stones at the center of the dial. Alternatively, the Filigree watch face is adorned with a three-dimensional, octagonal design made of rose gold.

The Nerouno collection features a wide range of watches, from classy and elegant to sporty and adventurous. For people who enjoy a more active lifestyle, the Nerouno Sport Tre Lancette is a great option. This product line features lime-green hands and time indicators set against a black dial, casing, and band. This makes it easy to read in just about any setting. With up to 50-meter water resistance, it is the perfect accessory for people who want to take their watches with them wherever they go.

Many Montegrappa watches are notable for their bold, innovative designs. However, they still have something to offer for consumers who want a more “down to Earth” timepiece. For example, the Fortuna collection includes more traditional watch designs, with sturdy stainless-steel cases and bands, as well as Swiss Quartz movement.

Finally, the Chaos collection truly lives up to its name. Heralded as one of the more “extreme” luxury watch lines on the market, Chaos watches feature large, ornate gold cases. While the exact designs differ from watch to watch, they frequently make use of skulls and snakes.