Nautica Watches

While most popular watch brands have their roots in the early days of timekeeping innovations, Nautica is a company with a much more recent history. Rather than developing from the need for portable timekeeping devices, Nautica has its roots in the world of fashion. Founded by clothing designer David Chu in 1983, Nautica has grown to become one of the most well-known clothing and accessory companies in the United States.

The name “Nautica” comes from the Latin word Nauticus, which refers to sailors or anything related to the sea. As one can imagine, the brand focuses on clothing and accessories for people who frequently work, travel, or vacation in a nautical environment. Due to the need for timekeeping at sea, the company naturally moved into creating fashionable men’s and women’s watches.

With one eye on fashion and one eye on functionality, Nautica watches have always aimed to look good while serving a useful purpose. That is why nearly every watch in the Nautica product line is multifunctional. Additionally, consumers have literally hundreds of unique Nautica timepiece designs to choose from.

Nautica Watch Collections

As the name implies, the Nautica “classic” watches embody a simple, easy-to-read style. That said, there’s more than meets the eye with Nautica’s classic timepiece line. Nearly all of the classic watches include the multifunction capability to tell the time, date, and day of the week.

Alternatively, the Breakwater, Caprera, and N83 Urban Surf lines are all about providing sleek, modern designs. All three watch lines feature dark colors — namely grey and black — with stainless steel trimming and dials. Though Breakwater is made for adventurers, Caprera and N83 Urban Surf have simpler watch faces that feature flags from various countries.

Nautica’s three primary watches for sports enthusiasts include the Cruise, Hillcrest, and Pacific Beach lines. These lines make use of flexible rubber and leather bands, which provide greater comfort and mobility to the wearer. Additionally, they include built-in stopwatch functions and an adjustable crown.

Finally, the Coral Gables set of watches is one of the most elegant designs in Nautica’s collection. The watches feature two interchangeable straps that allow for both casual and professional looks. The watch face itself is minimalistic, with a nautical-themed background and stainless-steel case.