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The Sevenfriday watch brand was founded in Zurich by Swiss natives, Daniel Niederer, an entrepreneur, and Arnaud Duval, a designer. Established in 2012, the young brand prides itself on its creativity and iconic designs. Sold in more than 80 countries, Seven Friday watches have become enormously popular. Inspired by industrial elements, its styles incorporate elements of engines, machines, and wheels. All Sevenfriday watches boast automatic movements and the highest quality standards.

As one of the first watch brands to join the Instagram and social media world, Sevenfriday is a community-based brand that interacts with its consumers. They offer their own app which they use to provide their community with an exclusive experience, including brand insights, product authentication, extended warranties, and exclusive offers.

Armed with a very specific goal of creating quality timepieces at affordable prices, the brand regularly offers Sevenfriday watch sales. The inclusive company offers Sevenfriday ladies’ watches and men’s options as well. Its unique mindset of “creativity and criticism instead of unquestioned standards” has catapulted the youthful brand into earning its rightfully deserved place in the watchmaking industry.


The Sevenfriday M-Series is marketed as the modern-day classic watch. Its futuristic design features discs that rotate clockwise instead of traditional watch hands. In contrast, the Sevenfriday P-Series, the original line first introduced by the brand, offers slightly more traditional watch hands over a skeleton Japanese automatic movement.

Designed to offer a more art deco feel, the Sevenfriday T-Series features bold geometric shapes outlining its skeleton automatic movement. In 2015, the Sevenfriday V-Series made a technological breakthrough. Offering an NFC chip embedded in its caseback, the Sevenfriday app gives its consumers the ability to authenticate their watches from the comfort of their own home.

Designed to imitate a circular saw, the Sevenfriday W-Series showcases a multi-level dial in its uniquely shaped case that is not quite a square and not quite a circle. Meanwhile, the Sevenfriday PS-Series features the brand’s distinctive square shaped case with rounded edges. Inspired by the sea, this collection offers the nautical feel of an authentic instrument that could be used racing across the world’s seven seas.

The Sevenfriday Q-Series features a more rounded version of the brand’s iconic square case. Equipped with a date display and the company’s technologically savvy NFC chip, the collection draws inspiration for its design features from mechanical equipment, including pit lane garages and tire pressure gauges.