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Swiza Watches

First established in 1904, Swiza is one of Switzerland’s most respected timepiece manufacturers. A family company, Swiza began making high-quality table clocks before expanding into more portable timepieces, including both wrist and pocket watches. Louis Schwab founded the company, which has remained in the hands of his descendants to this day.

Though the company offers a wide range of products, it first rose to prominence for its popular line of alarm clocks. Alarm clocks had been in existence for more than a century before Swiza was founded, but Louis Schwab helped commercialize and popularize the use of alarm clocks among everyday consumers. This success helped the family business grow and eventually create its signature Swiza watch.

As the company shifted ownership to Louis Schwab’s son, Pierre, and eventually his grandson, Pierre Junior, it continued to innovate. Today, Swiza is one of the best makers of watches in Switzerland, which is no small feat. Despite competition from much larger watch manufacturers, the classic Swiza watch continues to be one of the most popular timepieces on the market. This honor is largely due to advancements the company made in mechanical watches throughout the mid-20th Century. Championing constant innovation ensured that Swiza could continue to flourish for more than 100 years.


Swiza Watch Collections
During Swiza’s long history as a trusted watchmaker, the brand developed dozens of unique luxury watches. Though the company specializes in elegant wristwatches, it also has more sporty and functional options. Below are some of Swiza’s most popular watch collections.
The Alza collection is a return to Swiza’s classic watch designs for men. Simple and refined, the standard Alza watch features a stainless steel casing, quartz chronograph, and black leather band. The 42 mm watch face makes it easy to read without feeling too bulky on the wrist.
The Business Classic, Kretos, and Magnus collections offer sleek, black watch faces with styles for both men and women. Though these lines do not offer the same chronograph features as the Alza collection, all three provide accurate timekeeping and calendar functionality. With multiple leather band types, the Business Classic, Kretos, and Magnus are great for people who really want to display their personal style.
Though their designs are often featured as a staple of women’s fashion, the Plana and Stella collections feature watches for everyone. The casings are made from stainless steel and sapphire coated crystal. You also have the freedom to choose between leather, satin, or even custom-made bands.

Finally, the Urban Sport and Urbanus models are designed with the physically-active consumer in mind. Though Urban Sport functions as a chronograph and Urbanus adopts a simpler style, both are ideal for runners, swimmers, or anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.