A tribute to the great English watchmaker born in 1749, Thomas Earnshaw watches are renowned for their refined style and impeccable craftsmanship. Thomas Earnshaw's designs are characterized by their timeless simplicity and understated elegance, making them the perfect choice for anyone who wants a classic yet stylish watch. Using only the finest materials and components, these timepieces are built to last a lifetime.

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Thomas Earnshaw Watches

Thomas Earnshaw watches are some of the most popular timepieces on the global market, thanks in large part to the brand’s long and storied history. Born in 1749, Thomas Earnshaw was one of the most prominent English watchmakers of his time. In addition to founding his own brand of watches, Earnshaw helped streamline and simplify the production of marine chronometers in what turned out to be a revolutionary development in the history of watch manufacturing.

While working tirelessly to produce high-quality watches, Thomas Earnshaw also built handmade clocks and portable timepieces for various clients throughout Europe. His specialties were pieces designed to be used at sea. His original chronometers were even able to compensate for the constant motion of the water — without sacrificing precision. Earnshaw’s work even helped many famed cartographers accurately document their journeys around the globe.

Today, Thomas Earnshaw’s watches are still celebrated for their accuracy, beauty, and versatility. Most Thomas Earnshaw’s products are waterproof, in part to maintain the same vision that Earnshaw had for his company over 200 years ago. For centuries, mariners and casual travelers alike have turned to Thomas Earnshaw for quality, luxury watches.

Thomas Earnshaw Watch Collections

There are dozens of collections within the Thomas Earnshaw catalog, each with its own set of unique designs and features. The Beaufort men’s line balances fashionable style with practicality. Most watches in this line are made of quartz, with a round, symmetrical watch face. As an added bonus, the Beaufort line of watches is all waterproof to depths up to 50 meters (though some Beaufort watchbands may deteriorate if exposed to water for extended periods of time).

The Cornwall, Cornwall Bridge, and Investigator men’s lines feature ornate designs made from stainless steel and mineral crystal. The bands come in fine brown or black leather, which provides additional comfort and elegance. All three lines also feature multifunction watches that allow you to see the date, day of the week, as well as AM/PM indication.

For men who want to move away from more traditional watch designs, Thomas Earnshaw has several popular product lines. The Lapidary watches feature a small watch face within a larger face, accompanied by a natural wood background design. Alternatively, the Longcase, Longitude, and Longitude Meteorite all feature intricate watch faces that show the inner-workings of the time-keeping mechanisms. Finally, Maskelyne watches have a “starry night” background and multi-feature designs.

It’s important to remember that Thomas Earnshaw watches are not just for men. If you’re in the market for women’s watches, Thomas Earnshaw also offers the Lady Australis line, which features more colorful watch faces, thinner bands, and black, Mother-of-Pearl dials.