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Tom Ford Sunglasses


Many consider Tom Ford to be one of the greatest fashion designers of the 21st century. After working at multiple luxury design brands over the years, Tom Ford launched his eponymous line of clothing, accessories, and eyewear in 2006. Since then, dozens of major celebrities have dawned Mr. Ford’s beautiful creations, from Michelle Obama to Hugh Jackman. His designs were even featured in several James Bond films.

As a result of his notoriety in the fashion world, Tom Ford was able to easily transition his ideas into luxury sunglasses. Like his clothing, Tom Ford sunglasses reflect his signature style, which frequently uses symmetry and modern takes on classic designs. Additionally, Tom Ford’s brand utilizes shades made for both men and women.

Though Tom Ford is a very recent entry in the world of sunglasses, the brand has already become synonymous with refinement and modernity. Despite the association of Tom Ford with “elite” stars, many of the brand’s products seek to democratize fashion. Consumers can find high-end, yet affordable styles for just about every occasion.

Tom Ford Sunglasses Collections


The Tom Ford brand has numerous curated eyewear collections. The glasses and sunglasses vary in size, material, shape, color, and design, but they are all made to be utilized with other styles and accessories from his brand. They also draw from various stylistic movements throughout history. For example, the Anoushka and Cat Eye collections are both throwbacks to styles of the 1960s, while the Aviator and Fausto shades are more reminiscent of the 1980s.

Shifting into more “modern” designs, the Jennifer collection features wide lens sunglasses with dark brown and grey frames. Though it features similar coloration, the Miranda collection boasts larger lenses with a criss-cross pattern in the center. In a sharp departure from his other collections, the Razor and Sabrina lines include glasses with sharp, straight edges. Finally, the Rosanna collection consists of small, round, symmetrical eyewear. While each collection differs in its visual design and appeal, they all work to complement and even enhance the other clothing and accessories of the Tom Ford brand.