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U-Boat Watches


U-Boat watches are made with precision, each one assembled by hand in Lucca, Tuscany Italy. The U-boat watches are made with Swiss movements and are highly durable and very reliable.


Like all luxury brands, U-boat has a unique story. Italo Fontana, the grandson of Ilvo Fontana, came across his grandfather’s watch designs in 2000. Ilvo Fontana was commissioned in 1942 to make high precision watches for Italian Navy pilots which would be easy to read and perform under extreme circumstances, but the project never came to fruition. Italo Fontana took the designs and created the U-boat watch, which today is known for tailor made watches with the finest Italian craftsmanship.


Italo has experimented with many different kinds of materials for the watches, like bronze, titanium and carbon fiber. Italo, a native of Tuscany, takes his inspiration from the atmosphere and sights around him, and uses his creativity to A unique design of the U-boat is the crown which is on the left side on all the watches.


U-boat watches feature big bold displays, and are made to withstand extreme conditions. Confidently see the time in one glance, with no need to get sidetracked by other features. Wearing a U-boat watch will make you feel powerful and self assured.


Among the U-Boat watches for sale are a few that stand out, as you’ll see highlights below.


The U-boat Classico is just that, a classic timepiece with elegance that never fades. This timeless watch is made for men and women with strong personalities who value a timeless watch that is pure and iconic in design.

Military style Flightdeck, like all the U-boat watches, is made with durability and an easy-to-read display. Titanium or steel materials makes this watch hard to destroy. The movements can be seen through the visible caseback, and the leather wrist strap is sewn by hand in Italy. You can clearly see the high-end techniques used to make this watch.

 With an automatic movement and a case designed to be lightweight yet resistant, the U-boat Chimera has a distinct personality and is masculine in nature. The case is securely waterproof, and the crown is designed as oversized for easy winding. Chimera features a clean appearance and mixes functionality with fashion and does it well.

A version of the Classio, the U-boat Stratos stands out as smaller than previous models and very flat, designed to be worn under the cuff of a stylish dress suit. The bezel is made of tungsten, the hardest metal, and like all other watches is made to endure over time. The models are handmade and finished with a handsewn leather alligator strap.

U-boat goes beyond the boundaries of traditional design with their Capsoil model. The first of its kind, the Capsoil is completely unique in that it has a high domed curved glass, the dial completely immersed in an oil bath, lending the face an absolute blackness with a three-dimensional feel. The oil creates an ever-moving compensation bubble on the dial, leaving you mesmerized. This watch is definitely a must have for your unique collection.