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Victorinox Swiss Army Watches

Swiss entrepreneur Karl Elsener founded Victorinox in 1884. At the time, the company specialized in the design and manufacture of knives for the Swiss armed forces. However, Victorinox struggled to compete with its large competitors, causing many of Elsener’s partners and benefactors to back out. The company struggled to remain solvent until Elsener patented the Original Swiss Army Knife in 1897. The product’s international success helped Elsener grow the company, eventually moving into other forms of cutlery and military equipment.

In 1989, after more than a century of working in high-end cutlery, Victorinox opened various collections of Swiss timepieces. The company marketed these products as “Swiss Army” timepieces in the United States, helping to establish itself as a reliable watchmaker on the international stage. Though Victorinox had not previously ventured into luxury watch design and manufacturing, the company quickly found success.

Though many assume that Victorinox only creates military-grade watches, it actually has a wide range of collections. The brand features both women’s and men’s automatic watches. Consumers can also find both chronograph and automatic Swiss Army watches. Additionally, the company has various dress watches for ladies, as well as a dive women’s and men’s watches. Today, you can find Victorinox Swiss Army watches for sale in the United States, Europe, as well as various other regions around the world.

Victorinox Swiss Army Watch Collections

The I.N.O.X. collection of Victorinox Swiss Army watches is a picture of durability. Withstanding over 130 endurance homologation tests, the I.N.O.X. watches are made to last in almost any environment. Though minimalist in design, the I.N.O.X. watches also feature a removable compass bumper to reduce scratches.

The Maverick, Dive Master, and Night Vision watch lines also offer great durability, but with a few extra features. The Maverick and Dive Master watches are specifically designed to withstand water, making them the ideal collection for both professional and recreational deep-sea divers. Alternatively, the Night Vision may not have the same degree of protection against water, but its strong backlight and easy-to-read face make it ideal for those who need to work in the dark.

Many of the Victorinox collections prioritize elegant design over additional features. For example, the Airboss collection takes its inspiration from the Air Boss, the countdown commander on an aircraft carrier. This means that Airboss watches look sleek, while also having the kind of military-grade precision consumers have come to expect from Victorinox. For a more delicate, simplified look, the Alliancecollection offers great dress watches for both men and women.

Don’t think that Victorinox left out those who appreciate highly functional, yet vintage timepieces. The Chrono Classic and Swiss Army Chrono provide all of the features one would want in a chronograph. Plus, they each feature vintage designs that recall timepieces from centuries past. Finally, the Original Swiss Army collection offers great dress watches for those who appreciate the history of the Victorinox brand.