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Though Zeno Watches began under a different name, the brand has a long history associated with classic Swiss timekeeping. Established in 1868 by Jules Godart, the company began as a small manufacturer of pocket watches. His early work was primarily devoted to watches with silver cases and lady pendant watches.

By the 1920s, Godart’s watchmaking factory was taken over and repurposed to produce wristwatches for the Swiss military. This was when the brand´s current name was introduced. The son of the company’s owner at the time chose the name, as it was the Greek word for “graceful.”

In the early 1920s, the first “official” Zeno watches hit the market. The company specialized in men’s watches at the time, though it also included a few different designs for ladies. The company changed hands several times throughout the mid-20th century, but it also made headlines at the 1949 Switch Watch Fair in Basel, thanks to its innovative and futuristic designs.

Fast-forwarding to the 21st century, Zeno Watches is best known as a manufacturer of high-quality luxury men’s and women’s watches, as well as automatic, chronograph, and diving watches. Today, you can find Zeno Watches for sale online and in select locations in countries all over the world.


Zeno Watch Collections

As can be seen in the company’s long history, Zeno Watches offers many different kinds of timepieces for both men and women. The Zeno Diver and Army Diver collections both offer retro designs that have been used by the Swiss military for decades. Though vastly different in appearance, the Pilot collection also features classic watch designs that are most popular among men. These timepieces are often distinguishable for their mid-sized leather bands and easy-to-read watch faces.

For more modern looks, Zeno offers the Ronda Auto and Vintageline chronograph collections. Not only are these watches stylish and fashionable, but they also provide consumers with optimum functionality.

For those who want to combine opulence with practicality, the JaquetRegitr chronograph is the perfect combination. With navy blue dials and rose gold casings, the JaquetRegitr watches are gorgeous to behold. Additionally, they offer all of the standard precision and benefits of Swiss-made chronographs.

Finally, the Magellano and Tonneau collections offer two very different takes on classic designs. The Magellano watches are notable for their old-fashioned dials and leather bands, while the Tonneau watches feature oblong faces with retro number designs inspired by the watches of the 1970s. With either collection, you also get the beauty of sapphire crystal glass and the utility of modern automatic watches.