U-Boat Classico Watches is the flagship design of the U-Boat Watches collection. Featuring all the distinctive elements that define U-Boat watches, the U-Boat Classico Watches line is a bold fashion statement for the discerning watch buyer.

The U-Boat Classico watches boasts the defining design component that makes these watches instantly recognizable; the crown sits on the left side of the watchcase. This gives the wearer a superior level of comfort and makes the U-Boat Classico watch a famed work of art in the world of haute horology.

U-Boat Watches has consistently produced technically advanced watches with aggressive styling and has captured the hearts of watch connoisseurs worldwide. The U-Boat Classico Watches perfectly embodies this concept. These watches are designed for the adventurer and made to withstand extreme environments and withstand all the elements you expose them to. The U-Boat Classico Watches line can move seamlessly from the boardroom to the outdoors without skipping a beat.

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Ashford.com offers a comforting thirty day money back guarantee on all U-Boat Classico Watches. Combine that with a two year warranty and you get the ultimate worry free shopping experience on any of our watches including U-Boat Classico Watches! We are proud of our commitment to great customer service and promise a hassle free experience.

Our U-Boat Classico Watches, as well as our entire inventory are one hundred percent authentic and come in the original packaging with all the associated U-Boat Classico Watches paperwork.


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