Bulova Watches is the consummate American watch brand. It was founded in 1875 by an immigrant from Bohemia, named Joseph Bulova. His story is the true American story of a newcomer making good by sheer hard work. His small fledgling little shop eventually grew into a global enterprise that changed the watch making landscape.  He has significantly contributed to the horological industry by inventing new tools for building watches.

The Bulova Watch Company’s base of operations is in Flushing and Woodside, New York, where it continues to roll out innovative and groundbreaking new ideas in watch making.  The company also produces elegant Bulova Dress Watches for men and women in gold or silver tones to satisfy everybody’s fashion sensibilities.

In the early days of the twentieth century, many European watch manufacturers were reluctant to believe that wearing a watch on the hand would replace the iconic pocket watch as the watch of choice for daily use. In 1919, Joseph Bulova, drawing on his inventive spirit that defined his career, introduced its first line of men’s fully jeweled wristwatches.

Bulova Watches continued in that tradition by contributing its share to space exploration. The Bulova Accutron Watch, introduced on 1960, was the world’s first fully electronic watch and the most accurate mechanism produced at that time. Handcrafted in Switzerland, it turned the world of watches on its head by revolutionizing the industry. It did away with springs or escapements and operated with a tuning fork that was electronically activated. Instead of ticking, the watch had a distinctive humming sound.  Before this technology was universally available NASA chose it for use in their new space time computers.  Today, Bulova ingenuity is still on the moon and gracing countless wrists worldwide.

In 1987, Bulova Watch Co. became the official watch supplier for the U.S. Olympic team, providing watches for the Olympic hopefuls in both the summer games in Seoul and the winter games in Calgary.

The Bulova Precisionist is the newest and most advanced watch movement to emerge from Bulova’s laboratory. It claims to be the most accurate watch in the world and boasts a second hand that beats 16 times per second as opposed to the industry standard of one time per second on other quartz movements. This promotes a continuously sweeping second hand that is even more fluid than other mechanical watches that beat approximately 9 times per second.

In 1941 a sailor lost his Bulova watch at sea. In 2008 it was recovered and returned to him. It is still ticking after 67 years underwater, perfectly demonstrating the timeless value Bulova watches can bring to you!

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An American icon at the cutting-edge of technology. Bulova embodies invention and creativity to make watches that are infinitely reliable and precise with Japanese movements.

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