Donna Karan New York, aka DKNY, is a fashion company started by its namesake Donna Karan, a native New Yorker. She has worked in the fashion industry and been on the fashion scene in the Big Apple since she was fourteen. Her line of DKNY watches reflects that sense of style she honed while working in the fashion district in New York City. She has helmed some of the famed fashion houses on Seventh Avenue before going out on her own and putting her unique fingerprint on her own collection of clothes, accessories and watches. Her proximity to this hub of trendsetters gives DKNY watches that hip and fabulous look that make them so popular among watch buyers young and old.

The city of New York is the inspiration for the design of DKNY watches and this gives them the unique identity it enjoys. DKNY watches continues to capture the excitement and the amped up energy of the city that never sleeps. Her signature look of relaxed elegance is evident in all her designs including her collection of watches and that contributes to its enormous popularity all over the world.

Wearing a DKNY watch implies sophistication in that unstudied way New Yorkers love. Subtle but ‘oh so’ fabulous is the desired effect and DKNY delivers like no other style house does. They create watches that appeal to both men and women in a wide variety of styles to fit every budget.  DKNY watches remains an iconic brand that carries with it the identity of the most well known city in the world.

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