Fruitz Watches, made by Philip Stein Watches Inc., is a unique concept in timekeeping that claims to promote the watch wearers overall wellbeing while keeping perfect time. Conceived in 2007, Fruitz Watches was designed as a super fun, brightly colorful, line of fashion watches that incorporates natural frequency technology that is meant to insure a more balanced sense of wellbeing.

This natural frequency technology was developed by Philip Stein Watches, the parent company of Fruitz Watches, and is said to diminish stress levels, improve sleep patterns, and foster better overall focus for the wearer of these timepieces. Various health communities and popular celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey have endorsed this technology featured in Fruitz Watches and generated tremendous publicity for this up and coming brand. Fruitz Watches were also prominently featured in many national health and lifestyle publications such as Shape and Health and Fitness, as well as fashion bibles Vogue, Glamour, and Elle magazines.

The trendy stylings of Fruitz Watches are part of the attraction and are guaranteed to brighten up your day with its colorful and vibrant aesthetic. Designed to invoke the wholesome vitamin filled quality of fresh fruits, Fruitz Watches aims to deliver these same benefits with natural frequency technology and keep you in time in all life’s endeavors.

All Fruitz Watches feature the prominent symbol of this patented technology at high noon, which is comprised of three distinct curves in a circle designed to connote natural frequency waves found all around the world. Basically wearing a Fruitz Watch is a fun and fashionable way to keep time as well as hoping to improve your lifestyle by reducing stress, bettering sleep and sharpening your focus. Here at Ashford.com we strive to make your shopping experience for that unique Fruitz watch as pleasurable as possible. We stock a varied selection of Fruitz Watches at greatly discounted prices and we offer free shipping with no minimum order. That is a winning combination and translates to great savings for our customers.

For your convenience we also offer a thirty day money back guarantee on all our Fruitz watches along with a two year worry free warranty. All our customer service specialists are well versed in all watches including Fruitz Watches and will walk you through every step of the way.

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Creative, brightly colored and popular with trendsetters. The Happy Hour collection incorporates natural frequency technology to promote a sense of well-being and calm for the fashion conscious.

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