Gerald Genta Watches is that rare and wholly original watch brand that combines masterful avant garde designs with super complicated movements with flair and panache like no other. The founder and company’s namesake Charles Gerald Genta is a watch maker extraordinaire and singlehandedly built Gerald Genta Watches reputation as a trailblazer in the world of luxury watches.

Some of the world’s most famous timepieces are attributed to Gerald Genta Watches such as the one of a kind Gerald Genta Octo Grande Sonnerie Tourbillon, a Sonnerie watch that has four gongs and chimes the Westminster Quarters melody at every quarter of the hour and in 1994 he created the world’s single most complicated and advanced wristwatch, the history making “Grande Sonnerie”, a watch which sports a million dollar price tag.

The Gerald Genta Watch collections are known for their fabulously intricate displays done in eye catching color unusual for high end luxury watches. The Gefica line of watches personifies this aesthetic and is distinguished by its bronze casings which oxidize over time giving it a very distinctive look that literally matures with age. Nobody does retrograde dials quite like Gerald Genta Watches who incorporates art deco styling and a jumping hour complication to create these awe inspiring works of art.

With the Arena and Octo watch models, Gerald Genta Watches continues in the same artistic vein as the Gefica, using bold design and luxurious materials to create some of the most complex mechanisms that continue to excite and fascinate watch buyers all over the world.

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The eponymous brand for one of the most influential figures in horology, Gerald Genta continues to create timepieces that are innovative, unique, and elegant.

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