The Gucci story began in 1921 when Guccio Gucci opened his first small luggage and leather goods store in Florence, Italy. Though he was Italian, he was significantly influenced by the classic aesthetic of the English nobility he encountered during a stint at the Savoy Hotel in London. His vision, reflected in Gucci watches, on returning to his native Italy was to combine the refined sensibilities of the English upper classes with the superior craftsmanship of local Tuscan master artisans.

Within a couple of years the brand enjoyed much success with the uber-sophisticated international crowd seeking the equestrian themed collection of trunks, shoes, small leather goods, jewelry, and of course watches. This demand led Gucci to develop its iconic horse bit symbol, featured on some of the Gucci watch designs such as the Signoria that became an enduring trademark of the famed Gucci fashion house.

In the 1960’s Gucci introduced the interlocking double G logo, a legendary and instantly recognizable logo also featured on some Gucci watches, e.g. the Twirl, creating yet again another super chic visual signature.

Gucci has achieved unbelievable international success and was named in 2007 as the single most desirable luxury brand in the world. Gucci watches embody this achievement of incomparable high style and exceptional quality.

Gucci continues to focus on reinforcing the values upon which its enviable illustrious reputation has been based on for over 90 years. Gucci watches reflect that tradition of exclusivity, Italian craftsmanship, and a superior fashion authority. Gucci watches boasts superior quality, trendsetting sophistication, and a unique sense of heritage that transcends time and is globally recognized.

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