Jaquet Droz Watches is utterly unique in their approach to watch making. They incorporate advances in modern technology and science and use original reinterpretations of the presentation of time that defies conventional thought.

Since 1738, when Pierre Jaquet Droz opened the doors of his little watch making workshop in La Chaux de-Fonds, this brand has captivated watch enthusiasts with its breath taking designs that are both complicated precision timepieces and brilliantly executed works of art. Jaquet was very educated, studying physics and mathematics under the greatest scholars of his time and used this expertise to create unusual concept clocks and watches that drew the attention of the then ruling class. Today this legacy continues to infuse the Jaquet Droz Watches collections with refined sophistication and high style.

The Jaquet Droz Majestic Beijing collection is a true reincarnation of the understated elegance and luxury that this watch brand is known for. Slightly off beat but perfectly classic, it is an execution of perfection in watch making that is both of the moment and timeless all in one exceptional timepiece.

Jaquet Droz Watches remains an internationally renowned watch brand that has consistently been the creators of unique timepieces for over two hundred and fifty years. Jaquet Droz Watches has stayed true to their specialized expertise in Swiss horological arts that has combined the knowledge of high science with high art to create beautiful watches to satisfy the most discerning watch buyers both young and old. Here at Ashford.com we strive to make your shopping experience for that unique Jaquet Droz watch as pleasurable as possible. We stock a varied selection of Jaquet Droz Watches at greatly discounted prices and we offer free shipping with no minimum order. That is a winning combination and translates to great savings for our customers.

For your convenience we also offer a thirty day money back guarantee on all our Jaquet Droz watches along with a two year worry free warranty. All our customer service specialists are well versed in all watches including Jaquet Droz Watches and will walk you through every step of the way.

All of our Jaquet Droz watches are guaranteed to be one hundred percent authentic and come in the original Jaquet Droz packaging with all the accompanying paperwork. We are constantly replenishing our stock of brand new Jaquet Droz watches so keep revisiting our website to see our latest offers.


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The first watchmaker to set up shop in Geneva, Pierre Jaquet Droz conquered the royal courts of Europe and China with his stunning timepieces.

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