Since 1997, Nixon watches have captivated shoppers with their funky styles and sporty styling that has mesmerized everybody from celebrities to professional athletes worldwide. Based in Southern California, the birthing ground of youth culture, founders Chad DeNenna and Andy Laats have continued to reflect the cultural zeitgeist by creating watches coveted by the much sought after younger demographic as well as the hip ‘thirtysomething’. These cool Nixon watches go from more conservative to super extreme and cover everything in between.

Being an engineer and snowboarder respectively, Chad and Andy, started the Nixon Watch Co. with the aim of meshing their interest in sports with their technical expertise to create watches with style and exceptional durability. They have since become a status symbol among the sporty super fashionable set.

When Nixon Watches first debuted, they were seen as very trendy and focused on the snowboarder, skateboarder, and surfer scene. They have since then broadened their appeal and widened their niche market to include older, but young at heart men and women of all ages. Buying a Nixon watch has a certain cool factor that makes it very attractive to young and old alike.

The Nixon Vega watch is a great choice if you like the chunky girly styles. It also supports a very good cause, significantly for women by donating all its proceeds to help fight breast cancer.  So buying a Nixon Vega watch can make you look good as well as feel good!

Nothing says more about your personality than a watch, and Nixon watches aim to subvert that. They want their customers to smash those stereotypes and be atypical. Nixon watches aim to break molds not conform to them.

In 2006 Nixon Watches was acquired by the Billabong Company for $54 million dollars, not too shabby for a company that started with only a million dollars 10 years earlier. Billabong has continued in the Nixon tradition, continuing to create watches that are distinctively fun and quirky, along with sleeker and classier designs.

Professional skater Tony Hawk sports the latest Nixon watch ensuring the growth of its fan base and continued popularity among young watch buyers.

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Funky, sporty styling at the cutting-edge of fashion. Taking inspiration from the snowboarder, surfer and skater scenes, Nixon has a large and well deserved celebrity following.

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