Omega Watches 160-year history has been defined by its spirit of pioneering. They have achieved six lunar landings, the first one being in 1969, when Buzz Aldrin wore an Omega chronograph watch, when he made his historic landing on the moon.  The Omega Speedmaster Professional, known subsequently as the Moonwatch , went through rigorous testing by NASA to qualify it for space travel.  In his memoir he refers to his Omega watch as being stolen when he was donating some of his personal effects to the Smithsonian Museum.  Its history with NASA continues as the official chronograph on every space flight since the Mercury program ended.

Omega Watches was founded by Louis Brandt in 1848 at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Louis crafted key-wound precision pocket watches with parts from local craftsmen. After his death, his sons adopted in-house production to ensure quality control. They have continuously been setting records in precision and accuracy and re-defining mechanical watch making ever since.

In 1999 Omega Watches revolutionized the watch making industry by introducing the first wristwatch featuring co-axial technology. This new escapement provides greater mechanical efficiency which in turn provides greater precision.

Omega Watches is a leader in sport’s timekeeping. They were the official timekeeper of the  Summer Olympics as early as 1932 and as recently as 2010 in the Vancouver Winter Olympics.  Michael Phelps, a multiple Olympic gold medalist serves as an Omega Ambassador, and sports the Seamaster  Planet  Ocean. It’s unparalleled innovations in swimming timekeeping technology has led to the first semi-automatic swimming timer, the Swim Eight-O-Matic Timer, which was first used in 1956 at the Melbourne Olympic Games, and in 1967 at the Pan American Games in Winnipeg,  Omega introduced the famed “touch pads” at each end of the pool for more precise timekeeping in swimming competitions.

Omega also produced the first diver’s watch and the world’s single marine chronometer wristwatch.

Omega watches have graced the wrists of many famous men and women such as John F. Kennedy, Prince William, George Clooney, and Nicole Kidman. An Omega watch was also worn by Pierce Brosnan in the James Bond films he starred in.

In summation, Omega Watches have been to blame for some of the most significant innovations in the history of horology. They broke new ground with unmatched precision in automatic watches, chronographs in space, and over a century of the best series production movements in the watch making industry.



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