Porsche Watches, a division of the Porsche Design Group and led by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, grandson of the company’s original founder has been a leader in the developing and manufacturing of complicated chronographs for over thirty years. They have been aggressively pushing the limits and pursuing new heights in technology just as they do in their famous and unsurpassed auto division. Porsche Watches has successfully improved the art of watch making by incorporating innovative functions, atypical materials, complex design, and an absolute attention to detail in the pursuit of perfection. They remain at the top of the industry in the high end luxury men’s accessory market that includes their vast selection of watches. Porsche watches are known for timeless and purist design combined with impressive and technically advanced movements. They continue to fascinate watch aficionados and watch enthusiasts worldwide.

The same uninhibited attention they bestow on the creation of their line of automobiles, considered feats of engineering worldwide, they project on their timepieces.  Porsche Watches is the originator of the titanium watch, the Heritage P6530, constructed entirely of shot blasted titanium; it can withstand the most extreme conditions thrown at it. This focus on durability endears the brand to active minded individuals and adventurers who depend on the reliability of their watches.

The Porsche philosophy embodied in their line of Porsche Watches is distinguished by the ultimate in precision and functionality of form, vigilant selection of materials, and superior quality in artisanship that blends time-honored workmanship with state of the art technology. Here at Ashford.com we strive to make your shopping experience for that unique Porsche watch as pleasurable as possible. We stock a varied selection of Porsche Watches at greatly discounted prices and we offer free shipping with no minimum order. That is a winning combination and translates to great savings for our customers.

For your convenience we also offer a thirty day money back guarantee on all our Porsche watches along with a two year worry free warranty. All our customer service specialists are well versed in all watches including Porsche Watches and will walk you through every step of the way.

All of our Porsche watches are guaranteed to be one hundred percent authentic and come in the original Porsche packaging with all the accompanying paperwork. We are constantly replenishing our stock of brand new Porsche watches so keep revisiting our website to see our latest offers.


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Porsche Design has been crafting iconic, innovative timepieces marked by both technical precision and purist aesthetics since 1972.

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