Pulsar Watches is perhaps best known for being the originators of the digital display watch.  An American company that began in 1972 in New York City, Pulsar Watches is a true heir to the decades of technological advancements and revolutionary developments. “Where Substance Meets Style” is their famous tag line and they consistently live up to this standard they have set for themselves.

The 70’s was the era of dreams. Space exploration and computer advancements were progressing in leaps and bounds, and Pulsar Watches rode this wave of exciting novelty with their innovative line of watches. Incorporating digital time display and calculators in their creations they captured the imaginations of young and old alike. Electronic wrist watches as gadgets was a new frontier in the world of watch making and Pulsar Watches was right there. They liked to call their new designs “the time computer, no longer just a wristwatch”. This proved intoxicating and completely in tune with the cultural zeitgeist at the time. These watches remain icons of that era and remain nostalgic collector’s items. Today Pulsar Watches produce mostly analog watches but they continue to capture this adventurous legacy in all their current selections.

Since its inception and continuing today, Pulsar Watches has maintained this exploratory spirit and exciting drive with wide variety of models ranging from the simple to the fabulously embellished. Some of the designs offered by this illustrious brand are Pulsar Diving watches, Chronographs or Tech Gear along with a varied collection of Basic Dress or Dress Sport watches to choose from.

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Pioneers of technology and innovation. Pulsar created the first digital display watch and, today, still embody that spirit of adventure with affordable, cutting-edge design.

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