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The story of Seiko watches begins in 1881, when Kintaro Hattori opened a watch repair and jewelry shop in the Ginza district of Tokyo, Japan. In 1892 he began to produce clocks under the name Seikosha, which according to Seiko’s official company history,  is a Japanese word meaning  ‘success’, ‘minute’, or ‘exquisite’.  Today, Kintaro’s great grandson, Shinji Hattori, as president of Seiko Watch Corporation, is still dedicated to the standard of perfection the founder always strove to achieve.

From humble beginnings the Seiko Watch Corporation has grown to be a visionary and innovative company on the world stage of timekeeping.  By consistently being in the forefront of new technology in watch making they remain a leader in the watch market.

In 1895, Seiko builds the first pocket watch.  In 1969, they introduced the world’s first production quartz watch, the Astron.  They followed that up with being the first company to produce the first quartz chronograph watch.  They were also the watch company to manufacture the first watch with computer functions, the UC-2000. Most recently, Seiko Watches rolled out the ultimate mechanical movement, the Seiko Spring Drive, which provides 72 hours of power compared to 40 hours of the other traditional mechanical movements.  According to company records this revolutionary mechanism delivers accuracy comparable to other quartz watch movements.

We at Ashford.com have an extensive collection of Seiko watches for men and women to suit the tastes and budget of every customer. We have Seiko chronograph watches, Seiko sport watches, or Seiko Coutura watches.

We also have Seiko Kinetic Watches which combines quartz accuracy with the self-energizing mechanism of an automatic watch.

Seiko Watches has been the official timekeeper of many sporting events across the globe.  They were featured at the World Cup events in Argentina, Spain, Italy and Mexico, and at Olympic Games in Japan, Spain, Norway, and at the Salt Lake City Winter Games in the USA.  Seiko is also named as the official timekeeper of the Gran Turismo racing game series.

Seiko produces mechanical and quartz watches in various price ranges. Their watches are highly sought after by collectors and watch aficionados.  They have been worn by many cultural icons in films, such as Sean Connery and Roger Moore in the James Bond 007 movie franchise.

They also manufacture a large array of dress watches for women to enjoy as jewelry. We have many Seiko watches for women to suit anyone’s tastes and sensibilities.

Seiko’s innovations in watch technology have been recognized with many awards by the industry’s leading authorities. In 1968 they received an award by the Geneva Observatory Competition for the best mechanical wrist chronometer, and as recently as 2008 they were given the Watch of the Year 2008 by Horologes Magazine.


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Considered the only watch manufacturer with watchmaking expertise in every category, the Japanese company Seiko was created in 1881. Seiko was the inventor of the quartz movement, which changed the history of timekeeping as we know it.

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