Skagen Watches is a brand of watches that is quickly becoming very well known in the industry as a leader of functional practicality and original design. They are known for having an extensive line of fashion forward accessorized watches which feeds the endless buzz and excitement the company generates. Originally founded by Henrick and Charlotte Jarst, two avant garde designers from Denmark, Skagen Watches aimed to combine Danish durability with affordable luxury. They recently ventured across the Atlantic and launched their unique line of watches in the American arena with great success.

Skagen Watches are known for their superior quality and their innovative styling and seem especially connected to the cultural zeitgeist. They seem to have their finger on the pulse of the fashion watch industry like no other, and cater to all the current watch trends all over the world.

The basic designs of Skagen Watches seem very simple but are in fact extremely complex.  Their watches are made of quality metals, quartz, mineral crystals, and top grade leather which contribute to its durability and distinctive aesthetic.  Skagen watches are super sleek and fabulously elegant and continue to fascinate and entrance watch enthusiasts.

Skagen Watches have achieved a level of popularity in a very short time due to its universal appeal to young and old alike. Their ever growing fan base includes both men and women and seems to be expanding by leaps and bounds among the fashion forward jet setting crowd. Most designer watches of comparable caliber to Skagen watches usually come along with high price tags making it unaffordable but Skagen manages to bring both high fashion and high quality to the masses. As this Danish design duo continues to evolve, we can expect to see innovative products that defy expectations and wow watch buyers everywhere.

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Fashion forward design and technical mastery. Skagen watches offer elegance, functionality and durability that is affordable and luxurious.

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