Swiss Military Watches is a brand which the name speaks for itself. Swiss made timepieces, thoroughly rugged, using top quality components and created to meet the most rigorous military requirements as well as appeal to the leisure and pleasure seeking consumer. Those Swiss Military Watches that have the T25 label are equipped with the ultimate illumination system out there. These watches are designed to be able to be read in extremely low light environments and also in total darkness if the need arises. A glass micro tube filled with a twenty year supply of luminous gas is embedded in the face of these Swiss Military Watches offering an uninterrupted round the clock light source. “See the Time, All the Time” is the company’s tagline and they stay true to their word.

The Swiss Military Watches collection includes more casual styles to fit any lifestyle and sports watches with assorted special complications. These watches are very versatile; they can be sported by professionals and adventurers alike; for business or pleasure or both. Swiss Military Watches meet the demands of the most active of life styles and make your everyday life feel like an adventure. The specifications of these watches would impress even the boldest of watch designers in the industry. They can withstand the most extreme temperatures, sudden impacts and altitude changes, and shield from magnetic fields.

The triangular logo of Swiss Military Watches was designed in collaboration with the Swiss Army and meant to convey the militaristic image of stability and reliability in all their endeavors.

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