Tag Heuer Watches is the brainchild of Edouard Heuer and his sons Jules-Edouard and Charles-Auguste. Edouard founded his watch making company in the mountain village of St. Imier, Switzerland, in 1860 and patented his first Tag Heuer chronograph watch in 1882. Those visionary genes of innovation, entrepreneurship, an obsession with precision, and a love of sports have continued to permeate Tag Heuer Watches 150 year history.

Tag Heuer Watches have a long history of horological achievements. Among these innovations were the oscillating pinion and the Mikrograph, revolutionary in its being the world’s first mechanical stopwatch accurate to the 1/100th of a second. They incorporated this precision in their extensive line of watches and chronographs and improved the timing up to 1/1000th of a second. This has led to the distinction of the Tag Heuer Watch brand specifically in sports watches and contributed to their enormous popularity among watch aficionados worldwide.

Tag Heuer was part of a three company joint venture to produce the world’s first automatic chronograph wristwatch. This was realized in 1969 and caused an international stir in the watch industry. Tag Heuer watches and Tag Heuer chronographs have consistently proven to be ahead of its time in both precision and design, therefore an obvious choice of watch snobs internationally.

Astronaut John Glenn sported a Tag Heuer watch onboard the Mercury Atlas 6, which made history by being the first manned spaceflight to orbit planet Earth by an American.

Tag Heuer has been the recipient of many prestigious awards in the watch making industry. In 2006 they were awarded the ‘iF’ product design award which is given by the International Forum Design, for the Professional Golf Watch, a watch they designed in collaboration with Tiger Woods.  In 2007 they followed that up with another win, this time for the Monaco Calibre 360 LS Concept chronograph.

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