Ulysse Nardin Watches has been in the forefront of ‘haute horlogerie’ since 1864 when Ulysse Nardin first set up shop in Neuchatel, Switzerland. An accomplished watchmaker who apprenticed among the finest watchmakers of his time, Ulysse Nardin built Ulysse Nardin Watches into one of the most respected watch manufacturing houses with an international reputation of impeccable craftsmanship and timeless beauty.

In its illustrious 150 year history, Ulysse Nardin Watches has especially distinguished itself in the rarefied world of marine watches. They have been used in the Navies of close to 50 countries; a sure testament to the dominance of Ulysse Nardin Watches in their accuracy and reliability in precision timekeeping. Some of their vintage models remain highly sought after collectors’ items coveted by watch connoisseurs’ and enthusiasts worldwide.

Ulysse Nardin Watches is the proud recipient of 18 gold medals at various international watch exhibitions and boasts 4300 top prizes in chronometric distinction and superior watch complications. They have successfully carried on the tradition of mechanical innovation coupled with elegant and refined designs that the original founder of Ulysse Nardin Watches had set out to do.

In 1983 Rolf W. Schnyder purchased this storied brand and invited Dr. Ludwig Oechslin, a scientist and watchmaker ingénue, to join him in perpetuating the legacy of Ulysse Nardin Watches. This collaboration based in mutual admiration, has been hugely successful and continues to create original and extraordinary watches that keep wowing and fascinating the watch world.

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