A watch winder is a special device specifically designed to keep automatic, (or self-winding as they are sometimes referred to), watches running when not worn on the wrist. Automatic watches operate on the premise of winding on their own using a moving weight inside the watch. The weight rotates or swings when worn using the wearer’s movements as momentum. The watch winder is meant to mimic this movement so it can keep precise time even though it’s not being worn. Virtually all automatic watches can be manually wound, but this isn’t always practical or convenient. This was the basis for the birth of the automatic watch winders we know today.
A watch winder holds the watch, or in some cases more than one, and moves it in a circular motion emulating human movement to instigate the self winding mechanism. Watch winders cannot over wind the watch, since all automatic timepieces have protection against over winding by a mechanism that disengages the winding technique when the embedded mainspring is fully wound. It is still important to use a watch winder with a timer to prevent excessive wear and tear on the winding process.
Watch Winders fall into three popular categories; functional, elegant, and extravagant. There is the basic functional watch winders that perform the simple duty of winding one or more watches at a time. The elegant watch winders take it up a notch and improves on the aesthetics of this purely functional contraption. They are usually an enclosed box made of beautifully finished woods or covered in luxurious leathers and are meant for display. As with other luxury items the options multiply in the extravagant watch winders that are offered in this specialized market. Heaters to keep the watch at body temperature, atomic clock synchronized time displays, and built in drawers are just some of the features offered on some of the luxe high end watch winders available.
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