The story of Wittnauer Watches began in New York City when Albert Wittnauer, a Swiss immigrant arrived in 1872 at the tender young age of 16. He started his watch making career by working for his brother in law, J. Eugene Robert, who was an importer of luxury Swiss watches. Albert realized that there was a huge demand by the American consumer for superior quality watches but by using local artisans and craftsmen he can bring down the cost thereby reaching a broader market. Along with his younger brother he established Wittnauer Watches and gained tremendous popularity with watch buyers everywhere.

The company’s commitment to excellence in design and function attracted the attention of highly skilled experts in the watch making field resulting in innovative new concepts. H.A. Lungrin, the inventor of a popular chronograph movement and Charles Johns the creator of the 80 jeweled perpetual calendar chronometer featured at the 1939 World’s Fair, are just a few of the talents that have contributed to the Wittnauer Watches legacy. They adopted the slogan “the watchmaker’s watch” making the brand synonymous with timekeeping perfection.

The Wittnauer All-Proof watch, the first fully waterproof, shock absorbent, anti-magnetic watch joins the ranks of the world’s famous iconic watches by passing various challenging endurance tests. From being tossed from airplanes mid-flight to reaching the highest elevations of the world’s toughest mountain ranges, the watch survived fully intact and still ticking. It would subsequently be used by Army personnel during World War Two.

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Swiss tradition meets American innovation. Synonymous with timekeeping perfection, Wittnauer watches promise exceptional functionality and beautifully crafted design.

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