Georges Favre-Jacot, founder of Zenith Watches, was a visionary and skilled watch maker who had a single minded goal of producing the most precise  and reliable watches of his day. He soon came to the realization that to accomplish this he would need to significantly overhaul the method of watch making in place at the time thus enabling him to produce better Zenith Watches. The original business model for the watch making industry comprised of various artisans scattered among various workshops with no solid connection between them. This made it difficult to communicate thereby hindering the progress of these complex components that need to work together.  In 1890, Favre-Jacot under the banner of Zenith Watches set out to build large buildings where all the respective craftsmen can work under one roof for the first time collaborating collectively to build these complex mechanisms.

The combined strengths of the different professions in one common factory revolutionized the watch making industry and significantly contributed to the advancements of new technologies, thrusting Zenith Watches to the forefront of this field. The Zenith watches emerging from this innovative process proved the most accurate and reliable ever made.

The Zenith Watches legacy remains strong and is forever inextricably linked with timing perfection. Signifying a rare phenomenon in the horological world, the original Manufacture is still standing in the exact same location where the founder of Zenith Watches built his first workshop well over one hundred years ago.

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The world’s most coveted watches, precision and reliability with stunning design. Zenith creates exotic timepieces that continue to fascinate watch aficionados worldwide.

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