A Chronograph watch is more than just a basic time piece. It is an amped up watch with an added stopwatch function which adds to its allure and makes it especially attractive to sophisticated watch buyers. This added feature allows chronograph watches wearer to measure elapsed time, say in sporting events or personal athletic activities.

The earliest chronograph watches were introduced by a Frenchman, named Rieussec, in the early 1800’s. This early incarnation first appeared in pocket watches, the standard personal timekeeping apparatus of that era. In 1910 the earliest chronograph wristwatch was produced and has been gaining immense popularity ever since.

Many chronograph watches will include additional features to appeal to specialized audiences, such as power reserve, alarm, charge preventer, tachymeter, sapphire crystals, etc. Some chronographs will have the added complication of a double chronometer function. This offers two stop watches that can be set simultaneously. These chronograph watches are also known as split or split-second chronographs.

Fashion figures greatly, in the tremendous interest chronograph watches have generated over the years. The boldness of the chronographs distinct design has made the chronograph watch an obvious fashion statement and highly coveted by trendsetters all over the world. Its biggest appeal though, is the sporty and exciting image that connotes the world of pilots, car racers, deep sea divers, and astronauts.

As for watch connoisseurs and aficionados, who value a watches movements and complications above its aesthetics, chronograph watches have continued to captivate them with its many mechanical components and interesting innovations.

There are two basic types of chronograph watches, Digital and Analog or an amalgam of both, the Analog-Digital chronographs. The Analog version of the chronograph watch uses analog hands to perform its functions while digital uses a digital display. Analog-Digital chronographs use a basic analog movement along with an independently operating digital display for an additional complication.

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