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Tourbillon Watch Guide

If you are currently in the market for a high-end watch, then you may have come across the term Tourbillon. You might be particularly curious about its meaning since watches that bear the Tourbillon name and complication are often far more expensive than watches that do not. However, there are some pretty good reasons that Tourbillon watches command higher prices than other types of timepieces. In today´s guide, we will examine the meaning of the term, its function, and the different watches that boast the Tourbillon complication.
1 month ago

Watch Style Guide

Even if you’ve never owned a watch in your life, you likely know that a watch offers so much more than a way to tell the time. A watch is a fashion accessory that has the power to completely transform your look. This is why it’s so important to invest in a watch that perfectly matches your sense of style.

Stylish watches for men and women have been around for as long as watchmakers have been practicing their craft. Even before the modern wristwatch, there were designer pocket watches for men and for women. Consequently, watches and style have always gone hand in hand.

2 months ago

Watch Glass - Learn About Watch Crystals

Acting as both the window and guard of your timepiece, the watch crystal takes the hardest blows and most of the everyday wear and tear. Protecting the dial and face, there is an ongoing debate about what type of watch crystal is best.

How should a shopper choose? Well, that all depends. Ask yourself what activities you plan to accomplish while wearing your watch. Another important question- what is your budget? To extend the life of a watch, crystals are made of different materials that match a watch owner’s preferences and expected usage. Today we will examine the different types of watch crystals and explain the pros and cons of each category. Armed with insider info, you will be able to make the most educated choice in your search for the perfect timepiece.

3 months ago

Watch Dial Colors

When shopping for a watch, many consumers find themselves asking the same question: does watch dial color matter? Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for a loved one or shopping for yourself, picking the right watch dial colors is an important part of the process. While the best color will depend on the personal tastes of the recipient, there are certain color combinations that work better than others. Additionally, some colors are easier to match with clothing and accessories, making them more versatile for the wearer.

So, this begs a few important questions. What are the best watch dial colors? Do some colors look better on watches than others? Finally, what color watch goes with everything? We will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s look at how a watch dial differs from the other parts of a watch:

5 months ago

All About Moon Phase Watches

Before humans could accurately tell time with clocks and watches, the Sun, Moon, and constellations offered the only methods to measure the passage of time. While timepieces have largely replaced more primitive forms of timekeeping, the sky still functions as a guide to predict the coming days, weeks, months, and years. The relationship between the positions of the Sun, Moon, and Earth is particularly important. As a result, moon phase watches serve as a celebration of the lunar cycle and its importance in our daily lives.

So, what is a moon phase watch? What’s the history of the moon phase complication? How accurate are moon phase watches? Are there different kinds of moon phase watches? Finally, how can you set a moon phase watch to ensure accuracy? We will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s look at the basic functions of a moon phase watch:

5 months ago

Dive Watch Guide

Dive watches have been around for nearly a century, yet many people are still unaware of their existence. In fact, most watch owners assume that, if they get their watch wet, it will break, and they will have to buy a new one. Fortunately, this is not always the case. Nowadays, most high-quality watches are designed to withstand the elements — including exposure to water.

However, there are varying degrees of water exposure protection among watches. How much water a watch can withstand will determine whether or not it qualifies as a certified dive watch. So, let’s take a closer look at the definition of a dive watch:

6 months ago

GMT Watches 101

If you travel frequently for work or leisure, you know the complications of tracking time across more than one timezone. Fortunately, GMT watches make this process much easier. Rather than looking up the time in a different location, you have the ability to know the time of any location in the world — just by looking at your wrist! While many people use a GMT watch as a simple dress watch, its functionality makes it a great asset, especially if you move around a lot.

In any case, people still have a lot of questions about the history and purpose of GMT watches. For example, when was the first GMT watch invented? How does a GMT watch work? And how do you use a GMT watch? In this GMT Watches 101 Guide, we will answer all of these questions and more, but first, let’s at the basic mechanisms involved in a GMT watch.

7 months ago

All About Chronograph Watches

Did you know that the chronograph watch is over 200 years old? Louis Moinet, a French horologist and artist, invented the chronograph in 1816 to track celestial objects.

From there, chronographs were on-trend in the mid-to-late 1800s in field artillery. Today, current uses of the chronograph extend to such fields as auto racing, aircraft piloting, and submarine maneuvering and diving. It began as a simple pocket watch with astronomical purpose and remains a timeless piece of both fashion and innovation. While many purchase chronograph watches for their usefulness, others buy them simply because they are stylish.

9 months ago

Watch Size Guide

The wristwatch is an iconic fashion piece that can add a touch of class and elegance to any outfit. There’s a perfect watch for every occasion, whether it’s for daily wear or for a formal occasion, and nothing makes a better accessory when chosen with care. This makes the aesthetics of your watch important, but there’s more that goes into just style and fashion when it comes to wearing watches. You also need to choose the right size watch for your wrist!
9 months ago

All About Watch Shapes

Have you ever given any thought to the watch case shapes? What does it mean if a watch is round or square? What does Tonneau mean? Which watch shape is currently in vogue? We’ll discuss that, and more.

Some people feel that a watch says a lot about a person. Not just the quality of the watch, but the color, the shape, and the size. You will want to choose a watch that feels right for you, and many people have rotating watches that they wear for different occasions or events and with different outfits. Luxury watches are not the same as sports watches, and you may be in need of a waterproof watch if you spend a lot of time underwater. Watchmakers are artists with a vision who imagine what a watch will look like on the wearer, and what features will be the most useful. But some watch shapes are just revolutionary. You will want to know the ‘why’ of the timepiece you have on your wrist.

9 months ago