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Selecting The Best Women's Watch

In the past, women had far fewer options for watch styles and sizes. Now, that has all changed. The best watches for women span a wide range of looks, sizes, and functions. Thus, the traditional ladies watch can no longer be reduced to slim bands and small watch faces (though these qualities are still quite popular). Instead, you can find women’s watches for work, special occasions, or physical activities that meet a wide range of specifications.

If you’re looking for a high-quality watch for swimming or hiking, you will want to make sure that your timepiece is sturdy and water-resistant. On the other hand, if you want a professional watch for work, you might be more interested in finding a minimalist, fashionable watch that befits your job environment. Fortunately, Ashford offers hundreds of women’s watches for all occasions.

Women's Watch Brands

Most of the top timepiece manufacturers in the world have collections and product lines specifically designed with women in mind. This makes it easier to find luxury ladies watch brands in person or through online retailers. Not only are these watches made from the finest materials, but many of these compositions were created by some of the greatest designers and watchmakers in the world.

While each watch manufacturer brings something different to the table, there are a few brands that consistently produce high-quality watches for women. Some of the best women’s watch brands include:

Stylish Watches For Women

Women’s watch styles have evolved to cover styles for women with different needs and aesthetic desires. That said, many high-end watchmakers still aim to make women’s watches refined, elegant, and beautiful. Fortunately, this still leaves plenty of room for variation.

You can choose from square-faced watches with chain bands to more traditional-faced watches with leather straps. The designs of women’s watch bands, cases, and faces can be classic and minimalist or modern and functional. But no matter what you choose, the important part is that the style works for you.

Two of the most popular materials for women’s watches are gold and diamonds. Gold can often be used to create the casing and band, while diamonds typically serve as an adornment to the watch face or dial. In any case, if you want a watch with authentic gold or diamonds, you should expect to pay more for the materials.

Women’s Watch Sizes

Women’s watches tend to be smaller than men’s watches by most metrics, including the face diameter, case size, watch thickness, and band width. Standard watch cases for women often range between 25 and 30 mm, though mini-cases are also popular. Women’s watch bands are similarly small, with a diameter roughly two-thirds the size of equivalent men’s bands.

Needless to say, women no longer have to conform to these sizes — and many don’t want to. As a result, most of the best watch manufacturers now offer larger watch sizes specifically for women. This can make it far easier to read the time, especially during exercise or other physical activities.