Claude Bernard Watches

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Claude Bernard Watches

Claude Bernard is a relatively new addition to the luxury Swiss watch family, but it is still a brand associated with classic designs and expert timekeeping. Founded in 1973, Claude Bernard marketed itself as “Swiss luxury at affordable prices.” Since its first days, the brand has stayed true to its motto, creating elegant and accurate timepieces using only the best materials and craftsmanship.

By 1995, the brand had expanded and even joined with renowned watch designer, Christian Glauser. This partnership helped revitalize the brand for contemporary consumers, bringing with it a myriad of new styles and designs. While Claude Bernard always aims to keep prices low, it has also brought constant innovation to the art of watchmaking.

Today, you can find Claude Bernard watches for sale in over 30 international markets. The brand has become particularly popular in Southeast Asia, though it is sold in dozens of countries on nearly every continent. If you’re looking for men’s watches, ladies watches, or just any kind of Swiss-made timepiece — Claude Bernard has something excellent to offer. In addition to its standard automatic watches, Claude Bernard is also known for designing beautiful and precise chronographs. So, whether you want a simple and functional wristwatch or an elegant, stylish timepiece, you can find the perfect collection for you with Claude Bernard.

Claude Bernard Watch Collections

Though prices are competitive, all Claude Bernard collections are made to last. Moreover, Claude Bernard watches are made for just about any environment or occasion. Are you looking for a diving watch that can be submerged up to several hundred meters? Claude Bernard has a watch for that. Or perhaps you want a watch that would provide the perfect accent to your outfit at an elegant dinner party? Again, Claude Bernard has what you need.

For example, the Aquarider collection makes it easy to customize your watch with a variety of designs and mechanism options. Aquarider watches come with either Quartz or Automatic movement. They are also water-resistant up to 200 meters, making them a solid option for professional and recreational divers alike.

If none of the Aquarider watches fit your personal sense of style, you can opt for one of the watches in the Claude Bernard Classic collection. As the name implies, this collection offers a variety of classic, retro, and traditional watch designs to fit many different needs and tastes.

Like many watches in the Claude Bernard product line, the Slim Line collection is comprised of unisex watches with both leather and stainless steel bands. All Slim Line watches can be distinguished from other Claude Bernard collections by their numberless time markers.

The last featured collection from Edox is the Chronorally. Much like the Skydiver, the Chronorally is a highly efficient timepiece with a rugged, practical design, as well as Novodiac or Incabloc shock resistance.